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Security Area (sec)

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Working Groups:
abfabApplication Bridging for Federated Access Beyond web
aceAuthentication and Authorization for Constrained Environments
acmeAutomated Certificate Management Environment
coseCBOR Object Signing and Encryption
curdleCURves, Deprecating and a Little more Encryption
daneDNS-based Authentication of Named Entities
dotsDDoS Open Threat Signaling
httpauthHypertext Transfer Protocol Authentication
i2nsfInterface to Network Security Functions
ipsecmeIP Security Maintenance and Extensions
joseJavascript Object Signing and Encryption
kittenCommon Authentication Technology Next Generation
mileManaged Incident Lightweight Exchange
oauthWeb Authorization Protocol
openpgpOpen Specification for Pretty Good Privacy
sacmSecurity Automation and Continuous Monitoring
tlsTransport Layer Security
tokbindToken Binding
transPublic Notary Transparency

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