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Updated Drafts

  • A Network Address Translator (NAT) Traversal Mechanism for Media Controlled by Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) (draft-ietf-mmusic-rtsp-nat)
  • Certificate Transparency (draft-ietf-trans-rfc6962-bis)

Expired Drafts

Drafts Sent to IESG

  • Analysis of MPTCP residual threats and possible fixes (draft-ietf-mptcp-attacks): Active » Publication Requested

IESG Progress

  • AS112 Redirection using DNAME (draft-ietf-dnsop-as112-dname): Publication Requested » AD Evaluation
  • AS112 Nameserver Operations (draft-ietf-dnsop-rfc6304bis): Publication Requested » AD Evaluation
  • Definition of Managed Objects for Battery Monitoring (draft-ietf-eman-battery-mib): IESG Evaluation » ::Revised I-D Needed
  • Energy Object Context MIB (draft-ietf-eman-energy-aware-mib): IESG Evaluation » ::Revised I-D Needed
  • Power, Energy Monitoring and Control MIB (draft-ietf-eman-energy-monitoring-mib): Waiting for Writeup » IESG Evaluation::Revised I-D Needed
  • Host Identity Protocol Version 2 (HIPv2) (draft-ietf-hip-rfc5201-bis): IESG Evaluation » ::Revised I-D Needed
  • Textual Representation of IPFIX Abstract Data Types (draft-ietf-ipfix-text-adt): IESG Evaluation » ::Revised I-D Needed
  • A Network Address Translator (NAT) Traversal Mechanism for Media Controlled by Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) (draft-ietf-mmusic-rtsp-nat): IESG Evaluation » ::AD Followup
  • Layer-3 Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel traffic leakages in dual- stack hosts/networks (draft-ietf-opsec-vpn-leakages): IESG Evaluation::AD Followup » Approved-announcement sent
  • Unanswered Questions in the Path Computation Element Architecture (draft-ietf-pce-questions): IESG Evaluation » ::Revised I-D Needed
  • Security Requirements for BGP Path Validation (draft-ietf-sidr-bgpsec-reqs): IESG Evaluation » Approved-announcement to be sent::Revised I-D Needed
  • Template for a Certification Practice Statement (CPS) for the Resource PKI (RPKI) (draft-ietf-sidr-cps): IESG Evaluation » ::AD Followup
  • Secure Telephone Identity Threat Model (draft-ietf-stir-threats): IESG Evaluation » Approved-announcement to be sent::Point Raised - writeup needed
  • A Media-based Traceroute Function for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) (draft-ietf-straw-sip-traceroute): IESG Evaluation » ::Revised I-D Needed
  • An XMPP Sub-protocol for WebSocket (draft-ietf-xmpp-websocket): IESG Evaluation » ::Revised I-D Needed
  • IETF Working Groups' Secretaries (draft-secretaries-good-practices): In Last Call » Waiting for AD Go-Ahead

Drafts Sent to RFC Editor

Other Status Changes

RFC Editor Status Changes

  • Cryptographic Algorithm Implementation Requirements and Usage Guidance for Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) and Authentication Header (AH) (draft-ietf-ipsecme-esp-ah-reqts): » AUTH48

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