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rfc7296Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2).
C. Kaufman, P. Hoffman, Y. Nir, P. Eronen, T. Kivinen. October 2014.
(Format: TXT=354358 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC5996) (Also STD0079) (Status: INTERNET STANDARD)
rfc7368IPv6 Home Networking Architecture Principles.
T. Chown, Ed., J. Arkko, A. Brandt, O. Troan, J. Weil. October 2014.
(Format: TXT=125402 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
rfc7374Service Discovery Usage for REsource LOcation And Discovery (RELOAD).
J. Maenpaa, G. Camarillo. October 2014.
(Format: TXT=45569 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7375Secure Telephone Identity Threat Model.
J. Peterson. October 2014.
(Format: TXT=31067 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
rfc7381Enterprise IPv6 Deployment Guidelines.
K. Chittimaneni, T. Chown, L. Howard, V. Kuarsingh, Y. Pouffary, E. Vyncke. October 2014. (Format: TXT=90299 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
rfc7387A Framework for Ethernet Tree (E-Tree) Service over a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Network.
R. Key, Ed., L. Yong, Ed., S. Delord, F. Jounay, L. Jin. October 2014.
(Format: TXT=28205 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
rfc7388Definition of Managed Objects for IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPANs).
J. Schoenwaelder, A. Sehgal, T. Tsou, C. Zhou. October 2014.
(Format: TXT=53451 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7389Separation of Control and User Plane for Proxy Mobile IPv6.
R. Wakikawa, R. Pazhyannur, S. Gundavelli, C. Perkins. October 2014. (Format: TXT=26217 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7390Group Communication for the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP).
A. Rahman, Ed., E. Dijk, Ed.. October 2014.
(Format: TXT=106675 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)
rfc7395An Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) Subprotocol for WebSocket.
L. Stout, Ed., J. Moffitt, E. Cestari. October 2014. (Format: TXT=36795 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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2014-10-30 21:21      draft-iab-smart-object-architecture-06
2014-10-30 19:34      draft-ietf-l2vpn-ipls-16
2014-10-30 16:30 XML  draft-ietf-6lo-lowpanz-08
2014-10-30 15:29 XML  draft-ietf-hip-rfc5201-bis-20
2014-10-30 14:59      draft-ietf-radext-nai-10
2014-10-29 20:34 XML  draft-kucherawy-dmarc-base-05
2014-10-29 17:40      draft-ietf-radext-nai-09
2014-10-29 17:22 XML  draft-ietf-tram-alpn-07
2014-10-29 17:07      draft-ksubram-lmap-router-buffer-sizes-00
2014-10-29 16:10      draft-ietf-dime-congestion-flow-attributes-01
2014-10-28 21:43      draft-ietf-mpls-ipv6-only-gap-03
2014-10-28 17:38      draft-arcmedia-type-00
2014-10-28 17:22      draft-ietf-pce-wson-routing-wavelength-15
2014-10-28 16:28      draft-ietf-lmap-router-buffer-sizes-ksubram-00
2014-10-28 15:47      draft-ietf-weirds-json-response-11
2014-10-28 15:45      draft-ietf-weirds-using-http-14

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