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Media Gateway Control (Megaco)                              Mike Kallas
Internet Draft                                          Nortel Networks
Document: draft-ietf-megaco-naspkg-00.txt             Zacharias Bilalis
Category: Standards Track                                       Siemens
                                                             March 2000

                        Megaco/H.248 NAS Package

Status of this Memo

   This document is an Internet-Draft and is in full conformance with
   all provisions of Section 10 of RFC2026.

   Internet-Drafts are working documents of the Internet Engineering
   Task Force (IETF), its areas, and its working groups. Note that
   other groups may also distribute working documents as Internet-
   Drafts. Internet-Drafts are draft documents valid for a maximum of
   six months and may be updated, replaced, or obsoleted by other
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1. Abstract

   This document is work in progress and defines a NAS Package for the
   Megaco/H.248 protocol. It is intended to satisfy the requirements in
   section 11.2.5 of the Megaco/H.248 requirements document [5].

2. Conventions used in this document

   The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT",
   this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC-2119 [1].


   NAS: Network Access Server

   VPN: Virtual Private Network

Kallas, Bilalis  Standards Track - Expires September 2000            1
                       Megaco/H.248 NAS Package             March 2000


   PackageID: nas, 0x0022

   Version: 1

   Extends: none

   This package supports the functionality of a Media Gateway as NAS
   (Network Access Server), providing support for dial-in access to the

4.1   Properties

   VPN id
     PropertyId: vpnid (0x0001)
       identifies the VPN to which this termination is to be
     Type: octet string as defined in RFC2685 [4]
     Possible Values: vpnid
     Defined in: TerminationState
     Characteristics: read/write

4.2 Events

4.2.1 NAS Failure

   EventID: nasfail (0x0001)
     indicates a failure in the processing of the access attempt due
     to external or internal reasons.

   EventDescriptor Parameters:
     none added by this package

   ObservedEventDescriptor Parameters:

     Error code
       ParameterID: ec (0x0001)
       Description: describes the failure reason
       Type: integer, 0 to 99
       Possible values:
         0: NAS internal error
         1: AAA server unavailable

4.2.2 Authorization Result

   EventID: authres (0x0002)

     This event reports the outcome of a request for authorization of

Kallas, Bilalis  Standards Track - Expires September 2000            2
                       Megaco/H.248 NAS Package             March 2000

     the network access request

   EventDescriptor Parameters:
     none added by this package

   ObservedEventDescriptor Parameters:

       ParameterID: res (0x0001)
         outcome of the service request to the AAA server (see for
         example IETF RFC 2138 (RADIUS) [2])
       Type: enumeration
       Possible values:
         succ (0x0000)  service request was successful
         den  (0x0001)  service request was denied

4.2.3 Call back Request

   EventID: cbr (0x0003)

     The call back event is used to notify that a call-back has been
     requested by the  AAA server during the initial phase of a data
     connection (see for example IETF RFC 2138  (RADIUS) [2]). The
     event report includes the telephone number to which the call is to
     be made.

   EventDescriptor Parameters:
     none added by this package

   ObservedEventDescriptor Parameters:

     Number to be called
       ParameterID: cbn (0x0001)
         the call-back number provided by the AAA server
       Type: string of digits
       Possible values:
         location-dependent.  The actual form is outside the scope of
         this specification.

4.3 Signals


4.4 Statistics


4.5 Procedures

Kallas, Bilalis  Standards Track - Expires September 2000            3
                       Megaco/H.248 NAS Package             March 2000


5. References

   [1] Bradner, S., "Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement
   Levels", BCP 14, RFC 2119, March 1997

   [2] Rigney, C., et al, Remote Authentication Dial In Service
   (RADIUS), RFC 2138, April 1997

   [3] Townsley, W., et al, Layer Two Tunneling Protocol(L2TP), RFC
   2661, August 1999

   [4] B. Fox and B. Gleeson, Virtual Private Networks Identifier, RFC
   2685, September 1999

   [5] N. Greene, M. Ramalho, B. Rosen, Media Gateway control protocol
   architecture and requirements, RFC number TBD, March 2000 (currently
   draft-ietf-megaco-reqs-10.txt, February 2000)


   Mike Kallas
   Nortel Networks
   P.O. Box 833805
   Richardson, Texas 75083-3805
   Email: mkallas@nortelnetworks.com

   Zacharias Bilalis
   Schertlinstr. 8
   81379 Munich
   Email:  zacharias.bilalis@icn.siemens.de

Kallas, Bilalis  Standards Track - Expires September 2000            4

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