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Rfcdiff Tool

Draft Diff Tool
Version: 1.41
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rfcdiff [options] file1 file2

rfcdiff takes two RFCs or Internet-Drafts in text form as input, and produces output which indicates the differences found in one of various forms, controlled by the options listed below. In all cases, page headers and page footers are stripped before looking for changes.

—html Produce side-by-side .html diff (default)

--chbars Produce changebar marked .txt output

—diff Produce a regular diff output

--wdiff Produce paged wdiff output

—hwdiff Produce html-wrapped coloured wdiff output

--oldcolour COLOURNAME
 Colour for new file in hwdiff (default is "green")

—oldcolor COLORNAME Color for old file in hwdiff (default is "red")

--newcolour COLOURNAME
 Colour for new file in hwdiff (default is "green")

—newcolor COLORNAME Color for new file in hwdiff (default is "green")

--larger Make difference text in hwdiff slightly larger

—browse Show html output in browser

--keep Don't delete temporary workfiles

—version Show version

--help Show this help

—info "Synopsis|Usage|Copyright|Description|Log" Show various info

--width N Set a maximum width of N characters for the display of each half of the old/new html diff

—linenum Show linenumbers for each line, not only at the start of each change section

--body Strip document preamble (title, boilerplate and table of
contents) and postamble (Intellectual Property Statement, Disclaimer etc)

—nostrip Don't strip headers and footers (or body)

--ab-diff Before/After diff, suitable for rfc-editor --abdiff

—stdout Send output to stdout instead to a file

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