MORG stands for Message ORGanization. Its goal is to work on
various IMAP extensions to improve searching/sorting/threading
of email messages in IMAP, as well as the ability to annotate
and organize IMAP messages and mailboxes.

BOF Chairs:
 Alexey Melnikov <>
 Randall Gellens <>

Mailing list: <>
 (use <> to subscribe)

Agenda bashing                                       ( 5 mins)
BOF Introduction, goals, etc.                        (15 mins)
(draft-gulbrandsen-imap-inthread-02.txt)             (20 mins)
New address sort extension to SORT
(draft-karp-morg-sortdisplay-00.txt)                 (15 mins)
IMAP4 Multimailbox SEARCH Extension
(draft-melnikov-imapext-multimailbox-search-03.txt)  (15 mins)
IMAP Extension for per-mailbox/per-server attributes
(draft-daboo-imap-annotatemore-13.txt)               (20 mins)
(draft-melnikov-imapext-status-in-list-00.txt)       (10 mins)
New comparators for IMAP (and Sieve)                 (15 mins)
Sorting by relevancy                                 (15 mins)
IMAP keyword management proposal                     ( 5 mins)

Proposed WG Charter Discussion                       (15 mins)
Total:                                               150 mins