TSVAREA final agenda (dated 2009-03-25)
IETF-74, San Francisco, CA, USA
WEDNESDAY, March 25, 2009
1300-1500 Afternoon Session I

Chairs:    Magnus Westerlund <magnus.westerlund@ericsson.com>
           Lars Eggert <lars.eggert@nokia.com>

1300-1310  Agenda Bashing
           Note Well
           State of the Area

1310-1335  Multipath TCP Opportunities and Pitfalls
           Iljitsch van Beijnum

           About the advantages we can gain from making TCP work
           over multiple paths, and the issues that need to be
           solved in order to make it work. This includes discussion
           about a multipath TCP that is supported on both ends and
           a multipath TCP that is implemented in just the sender
           and works with unmodified receivers.

1335-1400  Rethinking TCP Friendly
           Matt Mathis
           Background reading: draft-mathis-iccrg-unfriendly-00

1400-1500  TCPM