THURSDAY, November 17, 2011
0900-1130 Morning Session I

Andrei Gurtov/CWC. Sign Sheets. Minutes takers. HIPRG Status update   (10 m)

Bob Moskowitz/Verizon. IEEE 802.15.HIP update (30 m)

Laszlo BOKOR/BME-HIT. Proactive mobility management for distributed/flat
architectures using HIP and IEEE 802.21 protocols  (30 m)

Rene Hummen/RWTH. WLAN roaming project update and
draft-heer-hip-middle-auth (25 m)

Dacheng Zhang/Huawei. Hierarchical HIP and proxies updates (20 m)

Ari Keranen/Ericsson. HIP deployment study results (20 m)

Gyu Lee/Telecom SudParis. HIP support for RFIDs.
draft-irtf-hiprg-rfid-04 (15 m)

Open Mic, future discussions

Andrei Gurtov/CWC. Multipath HIP (mHIP) versus MPTCP performance results (if time allows)