Preliminary Agenda
IRTF Open Meeting
Taipei, Taiwan
TUESDAY, November 15, 2011
1300-1500  Afternoon Session I
Room 201 ABC

Slot lengths below indicate presentation+discussion time.

State of the IRTF
        RG Chairs & Lars Eggert
        15+5 min

Applied Networking Prize (ANRP) Awards
        2x 20+10 min

        *** Michio Honda *** for his research into determining the future
        extensibility of TCP:

         Michio Honda, Yoshifumi Nishida, Costin Raiciu, Adam Greenhalgh,
         Mark Handley and Hideyuki Tokuda. Is it Still Possible to Extend
         TCP? To appear: Proc. ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC),
         November 2011, Berlin, Germany.

        *** Nasif Ekiz *** for his analysis of misbehaving TCP receivers:

         Nasif Ekiz, Abuthahir Habeeb Rahman and Paul D. Amer. Misbehaviors
         in TCP SACK Generation. ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review,
         Volume 41, Issue 2, April 2011.

Presentation & discussion of proposals for new IRTF research groups
(if time permits)

        Cross Stratum Optimization