Delay Tolerant Networking Research Group (DTNRG)

Agenda, as of 25-July-2013

Chairs: Kevin Fall, Stephen Farrell, Jorg Ott

Thu, 1-Aug-2013 (Schoeneberg 1/2)

Slot 1 (0900-1020)

0900    Intro / agenda bash             Chairs

0910    RG Status (drafts, RFCs)        Chairs

0930    BSP Discussion                  TBD (Hennessy?, Burleigh?)

1010    Collection of desired small changes     All
        [potential toward 5050bis]

Slot 2 (1030-1130)

1030    Erasure Coding Approach         Hennessy
        [including draft mods]

1050    ICN and DTN: NetInf over DTN    Davies

1100    Generic opportunistic routing framework Lindgren

1120    Web-friendly DTN protocols      Farrell (if time permits)