ICCRG meeting agenda, IETF 87, Berlin, Germany

Session 1 -- Monday, July 29, 2013, 16:20-17:20, room Tiergarten 1/2

Emmanuel Lochin, FavorQueue: a Stateless Active Queue Management to Improve TCP Traffic Performance, 20 min

Midori Kato, DCTCP implementation in FreeBSD, 20 min

Yuchung Cheng, packetdrill: Scriptable Network Stack Testing, from Sockets to Packets, 20 min


ICCRG meeting agenda, IETF 87, Berlin, Germany

Session 2 -- Wednesday, July 31, 2013, 13:00-15:00, room Tiergarten 1/2

Pat Thaler and Rong Pan, The 802.1Qcu congestion notification algorithm, 45 min

Douglas Leith, Congestion control in CTCP, 20 min

Ramin Khalili, Congestion Control of Multipath TCP: Problems and Solutions, 20 min

Nicolas Kuhn, Mitigating Receiver's Buffer Blocking by Delay Aware Packet Scheduling in Multipath Data Transfer, 10 min

David Hayes, An update about the TCP Evaluation Suite, 10 min

Mirja Kuehlewind, SimLib-QEMU: TCP Simulations integrating Virtual Machines, 15 min

** If time allows: **

Philippe Cadro, Packet oriented QoS management model for a wireless Access Point, 10 min