Preliminary Agenda
IRTF Open Meeting @ IETF-87
Berlin, Germany
TUESDAY, July 30, 2013
0900-1130 CEST

[Slot lengths below indicate presentation+discussion time.]

State of the IRTF
    Lars Eggert
    15+5 min

Applied Networking Prize (ANRP) Award Talks
    30+15 min each

    *** TE-YUAN HUANG *** for insights into the difficulties of rate
    adaptation for streaming video:

        Te-Yuan Huang, Nikhil Handigol, Brandon Heller, Nick McKeown
        and Ramesh Johari. Confused, Timid, and Unstable: Picking a
        Video Streaming Rate is Hard. Proc. ACM Internet Measurement
        Conference (IMC),November 2012, Boston, MA, USA.

        Today’s commercial video streaming services use dynamic rate
        selection to provide a high-quality user experience. We
        measure three popular video streaming services and find that
        accurate client-side bandwidth estimation above the HTTP
        layer is hard. As a result, rate selection based on
        inaccurate estimates can trigger a feedback loop, leading to
        undesirably variable and low-quality video. In this talk, we
        will present insights into its root causes and validate
        initial solutions to prevent it.

    *** LAURENT VANBEVER *** for proposing a framework to allow seamless
    BGP reconfigurations:

        Stefano Vissicchio, Laurent Vanbever, Cristel Pelsser, Luca
        Cittadini, Pierre Francois and Olivier Bonaventure. Improving
        Network Agility with Seamless BGP Reconfigurations. Proc. IEEE/ACM
        Transactions on Networking (TON), To Appear.

        Changing the BGP configuration is a common (sometimes,
        daily) event in many networks. What is often forgotten
        though is that any of such changes can create routing and
        forwarding anomalies - even when best current practices are
        applied. In this presentation, we describe how to deploy a
        new BGP configuration, with no impact on data-plane traffic,
        by leveraging the ability of BGP routers to run two
        independent control-planes.

Winning Team Presentation from the 3rd MANIAC Challenge
        Matthias Waehlisch
        15 min