Meeting Agenda for
NWCRG Network Coding Research Group, Proposed

Note Well

Agenda bashing

(Re)Introduction of Network Coding proposed Research Group -
Victor Firoiu, BAE Systems, Brian Adamson, NRL

Application Fields and Implementation of Network Coding -
Frank Fitzek, Aalborg Univ.

Kodo: Implementation and News on the Network Coding library
- Morten Pedersen, Steinwurf ApS

TCP Instant Recovery: Incorporating Forward Error Correction
in TCP - Tobias Flach, USC, N. Dukkipati, Y. Cheng, B.
Raghavan, Google

Network Coded TCP (CTCP) - Douglas Leith, NUIM Univ.

Broadcast With Network Coding: DRAGONCAST - Emmanuel
Baccelli, Cedric Adjih, INRIA, Songyean Cho, Samsung

Cooperative Network Coding scheme over harsh scenarios -
Josu Bilbao, IKERLAN

Network coding for bi-directional IP-traffic over
transparent satellites - Tomaso de Cola, Hartmut Brandt,
German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Discuss and approve NWCRG Charter

Discuss work items and next meeting