* Intro (5 minutes) - Chairs
 a. Note Well
 b. Logistics
 c. Progress to date
 d. Goals for the meeting
 e. Agenda bashing

* Problem statement, certificate checking in XMPP (15 minutes) - Matt Miller

* Certificate checking in SIP (10 minutes) - Olle Johansson

* Certificate checking in SMTP (5 minutes) - John Levine

* Questions to be answered (15 minutes) - moderated by Chairs

 a. Is there a problem that needs solving?
 b. Is the problem well defined and understood?
 c. Is there agreement on what a WG would need to deliver?
 d. Are there people willing to do the work?
    i. Writing drafts / code
    ii. Reviewing drafts / code
    iii. Implementing / testing / characterizing / other
 e. Would a WG have a reasonable probability of success?

* Charter Discussion (10 minutes) - moderated by Chairs

 a. Problem statement
 b. Objectives
 c. Deliverables
 d. Milestones