#       SDNRG Agenda (IETF 87)
#       David Meyer
#       dmm@1-4-5.net
#       Mon Jul  1 07:41:11 PDT 2013
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Software Defined Networking Research Group (sdnrg)

Monday, Morning Session I 0900-1130, Potsdam 3

CHAIR(s): David Meyer   <dmm@1-4-5.net>
          Nick Feamster <feamster@cc.gatech.edu>


 o Administriva                                                05 minutes

   - Mailing list:  https://www.irtf.org/mailman/listinfo/sdn

   - Web:           http://trac.tools.ietf.org/group/irtf/trac/wiki/sdnrg

   - Scribe (text/jabber)?
     Thank you Linda and Carlos

 o Agenda Bashing                                              05 minutes
   David Meyer <dmm@1-4-5.net>

Novel Applications for an SDN-Enabled Internet Exchange Point  15 minutes
Laurent Vanbever <vanbever@cs.princeton.edu>

Time-based Updates in Software Defined Networks                15 minutes
Tal Mizrahi <talmi@marvell.com>

Formal verification for software-defined networking            20 minutes
Myung-Ki Shin <myungki.shin@gmail.com>

Secure and dependable Software Defined Networks                15 minutes
Fernando Ramos <fvramos@di.fc.ul.pt>

Impacts of source routing/MPLS label stacks on SDN convergence 15 minutes
Peter Ashwoodsmith <Peter.AshwoodSmith@huawei.com>

LISPflow: a SDN enabler"                                       15 minutes
Alberto Rodriguez-Natal <arnatal@ac.upc.edu>

Update on NfV and how it fits with other I{E,R}TF activities   15 minutes
Diego R. Lopez <diego@tid.es>

I2RS and SDN                                                   15 minutes
Alia Atlas <akatlas@juniper.net>
Edward Crabbe <edc@google.com>