Problem Statement
  20 minutes for presentation by Henning Schulzrinne
  30 minutes for discussion
  Goal: determine scope
        - Is blocking robocalling and the like enough?
        - Do man-in-the-middle concerns need to handled too?
        - Is provider-to-provider sufficient?
        - Have we failed if end-to-end is not provided?

Solution Proposals
  10 minutes of presentation by Jon Peterson
  10 minutes of discussion
  10 minutes of presentation by Eric Rescorla
  10 minutes of discussion
  Goal: demonstrate that we are ready for engineering; not a research topic
        - Jon Peterson: in-band solution
        - Eric Rescorla: out-of-band solution

Draft Charter
  15 minutes of introduction by Jon Peterson
  45 minutes of discussion
  Goal: draft charter that is ready for review on the mail list and then IESG review
        - Present draft charter from mail list discussion
        - Make sure problem statement is clearly reflected in the text
        - Summary of the Problem
        - Scope
        - Deliverables
        - Milestones

Thanks to Jean Mahoney and Olafur Gudmundsson for volunteering to take minutes.
Thanks to Dan York and Peter Saint-Andre for volunteering to jabber scribe.