BIER BoF Agenda
Monday, Nov 10, 2014 1300-1500 Coral 4

        Welcome, note well, agenda bash, Chairs - 5min
        Purpose and Scope of this BoF, Chairs - 5min
        draft-shepherd-bier-problem-statement, Greg Shepherd - 15min
        - Open discussion on problem statement - Room

        Challenged multicast use cases - Chairs
        - To be revisited throughout the BoF

        Proposed solutions:
        draft-wijnands-bier-architecture, IJsbrand Wijnands - 30min (or as needed)
        - Open discussion questions:
        - What is the cost of a new data-plane behavior?
        - Does this problem warrant a new data-plane behavior?
        - Do we feel the potential benefits justify the work?
        draft-kumar-bier-use-cases, - 10min
        BUM over BIER use case, A. Przygienda - 10min
        draft-wijnands-mpls-bier-encapsulation, Jeffrey Zhang, - 15min
        draft-rosen-l3vpn-mvpn-bier, Mahesh Sivakumar - 15min
        draft-psenak-ospf-bier-extensions, Peter Psenak - 10min
        draft-przygienda-bier-isis-ranges, A. Przygienda - 10min