Ossified is the Protocol Stack? Research Group (hopsrg) Agenda at IETF-93 (Prague)

Friday, July 24, Morning Session I 0900-1130
Room Name: Congress Hall III

Intro & Overview [slides]

Brian Trammell and Mirja Kühlewind
15 min

Passive Measurements

Results from deployment of QUIC, a UDP-based transport [slides]

Jana Iyengar (Google)
25 min

Report on prevalence of NAT and forwarding of traceroute [slides]

Aaron Falk (Akamai)
15 min

Measurement Plattforms for Active Measurements

Overview of RIPE Atlas [slides]

Robert Kisteleki (RIPE)
20 min

Overview on the MONROE measurement testbed [slides]

Anna Brunström (Karlstads University)
10 min

Measurement Tools and Methodology

Tracking Middleboxes with Tracebox [slides]

Korian Edeline (Université de Liège)
25 min

Lessons Learnt from Middlebox Measurement [slides]

Michio Honda (NetApp)
25 min

Discussion on Next Steps

Brian Trammell and Mirja Kühlewind
15 min