ICCRG meeting, IETF 93, Prague
Wednesday, July 22, 2015, 15:50-17:20, Congress Hall I

Costin Raiciu: Three ways to (ab)use Multipath TCP Congestion Control, 20 min

Si-Quoc-Viet Trang: FLOWER - Fuzzy Lower-than-Best-Effort Transport Protocol, 20 min

Peter Szilagyi: Mobile Content Delivery Optimization based on Throughput Guidance, 20 min
(related to draft-flinck-mobile-throughput-guidance and draft-sprecher-mobile-tg-exposure-req-arch).

Emmanuel Lochin: Non-Renegable Selective Acknowledgments (NR-SACKs) for TCP, 10 min

Bob Briscoe: Changing TCP for Short RTTs, 10 min

Brian Trammell: ECN support beyond the Web: measurements from BitTorrent DHT, 10 min