Agenda V5 for NWCRG Meeting, Prague, Tuesday, 21 July 2015 ==

Time: 15:20-17:20am. Room: Karlin III

25min "System and layer independent network coding architecture design", Ángeles Vazquez-Castro, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona
- Proposed architecture design methodology.
- Preliminary validation over DVB-S2/X/RCS2 and LTE-A.

15min draft-roca-nwcrg-fecframev2-problem-position, Vincent Roca, INRIA

15min draft-detchart-nwcrg-tetrys-02, Jonathan Detchart, ISAE

15min Survey of sliding window coding schemes and the resulting functional building blocks, Morten Pederesen, Aalborg University

20min Tutorial discussion.

20min Architecture discussion.



"System and layer independent network coding architecture design"

Abstract. Even if powerful, the broad applicability of network coding poses a challenge to a unified design approach over different communication networks and systems. We propose a (non-reductionist) design architectural framework where instead of layer/system/network-specific design, underlying systems are abstracted towards service-oriented design. The framework seems compatible with (more general) design frameworks such as software-defined networking, cognitive networking or network virtualization. We illustrate preliminary validations over DVB-S2/X/RCS2 and LTE-A.