WG:                     Operations & Management Area Open Meeting (opsarea)
Meeting:                IETF 93, Prague
Location:               Congress Hall I
Date:                   20 July 2015
Time:                   17:40-18:40 CEST
Chairs:                 Benoit Claise <bclaise@cisco.com>
                        Joel Jaeggli <joelja@bogus.com>

- Agenda Bashing, Blue Sheets, etc (5 min)

- TACACS+, Douglash Gash (OPSAWG, 15 min + Q/A)
        Note: this draft is actually part of the OPSAWG WG

- YANG Model Coordination Group Update (Benoit Claise, 15 min)

- DNSOP activities (Suzanne Woolf10 min)

- Private Enterprise Number (PEN) practices and Internet Assigned Numbers
  Authority (IANA) registration considerations, (Alexey Melnikov, a few minutes)

- Open Mic. session