IETF94 SAAG Meeting Agenda (120 mins), Yokohama, Japan
13:00-15:00     Thursday Afternoon Session I

1. WG/BOF reports as needed (10 minutes)

2. Invited/offered talks

    2.1 Keychain-based YANG models in the NETCONF WG, Kent Watsen (10 Minutes)

    2.2 Title: On the standardization of cryptographic application techniques for
IoT devices in ITU-T and ISO/IEC JTC 1, Hirotaka Yoshida (Hitachi) (20 Minutes)

    2.3 Title: A Holistic Threat Analysis of IPv6 Transition Technologies, Marius Georgescu (NAIST/WIDE) (20 Minutes)

    2.4 MARNEW Workshop Summary and Next Steps, Natasha Rooney (15 Minutes)

    2.5 No MTI without Public Review draft, Rich Salz (5 minutes)

    2.6 YANG – Key Table and Key Chain, Russ Housley (15 minutes)

3. Open Mic, (30 Minutes)