ICCRG meeting, IETF 95, Buenos Aires
Monday April 4, 14:00-15:30, Buen Ayre A

1. (20 min) David Hayes: Congestion control in recursive network architectures.

2. (20 min) Alejandro Popovsky: Peeking at the bottleneck, opportunities for
   bufferbloat prevention.

   This presentation introduces new network feedback variables to get
   information about the connection bottleneck share, and a receiver
   side congestion control algorithm based on these figures, aiming to
   prevent bufferbloat and get a fair share whenever possible. A short
   review of Latin American ISP's traffic observations is included,
   showing the issues that motivated this work, and other problems
   that still need to be solved.

3. (20 min) Michael Welzl: TCP in UDP.

4. (15 min) Koen De Schepper: PI^2: PI for Classic and Scalable TCP.

5. (15 min) Discussion: What are the ICCRG's roles and how can it be more

   This discussion is meant to provoke thoughts, generate ideas, and find
   potential resolutions to the following questions.
   - What is the ICCRG's current role in the IETF? What can it be?
   - What is the ICCRG's current role in broader conversations related to
     congestion control in academia and in the industry? What can it be?
   - How can the ICCRG be more effective in achieving these goals?