Hilton Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
        Monday, April 4, 2016.
        17:40–19:40 Room Buen Ayre C

  5 min. Administrativia (scribes), Agenda Bashing, Chair
  5 min. Opening Remarks, AD

The Problem

 5 min. Why LPWAN, Alexander Pelov
15 min. LP-WAN GAP Analysis, Ana Minaburo
10 min. IP Challenges and non-IP Wireless I/O Models, Pascal Thubert
 5 min. IPv6 Neighbor Discovery, Carles Gomez
15 min. APP-level protocols/AAA/Management/Security, Alexander Pelov


10 min. Optimized 6LoWPAN Fragmentation Header for LPWAN, Carles Gomez
10 min. Constrained Signaling Over LP-WAN including AAA, Alexander Pelov

30 min. Discussion
  5 min. Wrap-Up, Chair, AD