IETF 95 - SDN Research Group Meeting
10:00-12:30     Monday Morning session I
Room Pacifico A


1. Administriva and Agenda Bash - Chair (5 minutes)

2. Existing SDN Research Group Topics

2.1 Cooperating Layered Architecture for SDN (10 minutes)
- Differentiate the control functions associated to transport from those related to services

3. Special Session on SDN Intent/Policy

3.1 Intent-based Policy Management (30 minutes)
- A view across SDOs (e.g., ONF, MEF, TMF) and within the IETF (e.g., ANIMA, SUPA, I2NSF):
   1) the nature of policy
   2) an policy-based management architecture
- Presenter: John Strassner

3.2 NEMO (15 minutes)
- An Intent Oriented Network Programming Language
- Presenter: Bert Wijnen

3.3 Open Mic on SDN Intent/Policy: Thoughts, Findings and Challenges

4. Towards Cost-Effective SDN Controller Solutions (15 minutes)
- A new model for the SDN Controller Placement Problem
- Presenter: Marcelo Santos

5. The Role of the Path Computation Element Centralized Controller in SDN & NFV (25 minutes)
- PCE Protocol as an interface from a Central Network Controller, South Bound Interfaces, Use Cases and Applications
- Presenter: Quintin Zhou

6. What Gains for DevOps in Telecom Software-Defined Infrastructure? (12 minutes)
- Findings from the Service Provider DevOps activities in the EU-funded UNIFY project
- Presenter: Catalin Meirosu

7. SDN & NFV Co-deployment in Cloud Data Centers (10 minutes)
- Presenter: Rong Gu

8. BGP Flow Specification
- Do you need BGP Flow specification in SDN/NFV Networks?
- Presenter: Susan Hares

9. SDN RG State of the Nation (Remaining minutes)
- Charter, Scope, Existing Individual I-Ds, Research Challenges and Next Steps
Presenter: Daniel & Kohei, All