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New and Revived Drafts

  • An update to RFC6302 on Logging Recommendations for Internet-Facing Servers (draft-andersdotter-intarea-update-to-rfc6302)
  • FFV1 Video Coding Format Version 4 (draft-ietf-cellar-ffv1-v4)
  • RTP Payload Format for the TETRA Audio Codec (draft-ietf-payload-tetra)
  • SM3 and SM4 Cipher Suites for TLS (draft-sca-curdle-tls-sm34)

Updated Drafts

  • Registration Extensions for 6LoWPAN Neighbor Discovery (draft-ietf-6lo-rfc6775-update)
  • FFV1 Video Coding Format Version 0, 1, and 3 (draft-ietf-cellar-ffv1)
  • Deterministic Networking (DetNet) Security Considerations (draft-ietf-detnet-security)
  • Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) Protocol (draft-ietf-dmarc-arc-protocol)
  • Recommended Usage of the Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) (draft-ietf-dmarc-arc-usage)
  • Data-Only Emergency Calls (draft-ietf-ecrit-data-only-ea)
  • IMAP Extension for object identifiers (draft-ietf-extra-imap-objectid)
  • Dissemination of Flow Specification Rules (draft-ietf-idr-rfc5575bis)
  • Route Target Constrained Distribution of Routes with no Route Targets (draft-ietf-idr-rtc-no-rt)
  • Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) Data Model (draft-ietf-ippm-twamp-yang)
  • LISP EID Anonymity (draft-ietf-lisp-eid-anonymity)
  • LISP Mobile Node (draft-ietf-lisp-mn)
  • LISP Traffic Engineering Use-Cases (draft-ietf-lisp-te)
  • OAuth 2.0 Token Exchange (draft-ietf-oauth-token-exchange)
  • Router Keying for BGPsec (draft-ietf-sidr-rtr-keying)
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) Certificate Compression (draft-ietf-tls-certificate-compression)
  • Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN): Relay Extensions to Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) (draft-ietf-tram-turnbis)
  • RPL Observations (draft-rahul-roll-rpl-observations)
  • The SM4 Blockcipher Algorithm And Its Modes Of Operations (draft-ribose-cfrg-sm4)
  • Finding HTTP Alternative Services via the Domain Name Service (draft-schwartz-httpbis-dns-alt-svc)
  • BGP Neighbor Autodiscovery (draft-xu-idr-neighbor-autodiscovery)

Expired Drafts

  • draft-agrewal-idr-accept-own-nexthop
  • BGP Link-State Extensions for IPv6 Segment Routing (draft-chen-idr-bgp-ls-srv6)
  • draft-chen-pce-association-ecmp
  • RADIUS Extended Identifier Attribute (draft-chen-radext-identifier-attr)
  • DHCPv6 options for MQTT client configuration (draft-nalluri-dhc-dhcpv6-mqtt-config-options)
  • VXLAN Group Policy Option (draft-smith-vxlan-group-policy)

Drafts Sent to IESG

  • Using National Bibliography Numbers as Uniform Resource Names (draft-hakala-urn-nbn-rfc3188bis): Active » In Last Call
  • P-Charge-Info - A Private Header Field (P-Header) Extension to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) (draft-york-p-charge-info): Active » Publication Requested

IESG Progress

  • Representing DNS Messages in JSON (draft-hoffman-dns-in-json): Waiting for Writeup » IESG Evaluation
  • Representing Constrained RESTful Environments (CoRE) Link Format in JSON and CBOR (draft-ietf-core-links-json): IESG Evaluation::AD Followup » Waiting for AD Go-Ahead::Revised I-D Needed
  • Using Early Data in HTTP (draft-ietf-httpbis-replay): In Last Call » Waiting for Writeup
  • SMTP MTA Strict Transport Security (MTA-STS) (draft-ietf-uta-mta-sts): In Last Call » Waiting for AD Go-Ahead::Revised I-D Needed
  • Zstandard Compression and The application/zstd Media Type (draft-kucherawy-dispatch-zstd): In Last Call » Waiting for Writeup

Drafts Sent to RFC Editor

Other Status Changes

  • RTP Payload Format for the TETRA Audio Codec (draft-df-stecker-expertenforum-payload-tetra): Active » Replaced by draft-ietf-payload-tetra
  • draft-ietf-urnbis-rfc3188bis-nbn-urn: Expired » Replaced by draft-hakala-urn-nbn-rfc3188bis

RFC Editor Status Changes

  • Signal-Free LISP Multicast (draft-ietf-lisp-signal-free-multicast): » AUTH48
  • LPWAN Overview (draft-ietf-lpwan-overview): » AUTH48
  • OSPF Graceful Link shutdown (draft-ietf-ospf-link-overload): » AUTH48

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