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New and Revived Drafts

  • The Network Access Identifier (draft-dekok-radext-nai)
  • Additional XML Security Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) (draft-eastlake-additional-xmlsec-uris)
  • Deployment Considerations for Dual-Stack Lite (draft-ieft-softwire-dslite-deployment)
  • Content Distribution Network Interconnection (CDNI) Problem Statement (draft-ietf-cdni-problem-statement)
  • Protocol to Access White Space database: PS, use cases and rqmts (draft-ietf-paws-problem-stmt-usecases-rqmts)
  • Multicast Extensions to DS-Lite Technique in Broadband Deployments (draft-ietf-softwire-dslite-multicast)
  • Public IPv4 over Access IPv6 Network (draft-ietf-softwire-public-4over6)
  • Motivations for Stateless IPv4 over IPv6 Migration Solutions (draft-ietf-softwire-stateless-4v6-motivation)
  • Interface description with WADL in CoRE (draft-vial-core-link-format-wadl)
  • An Offset Indicating Option for IPv6 (draft-zhang-6man-offset-option)

Updated Drafts

  • Extensions to the Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) to compute service aware Label Switched Path (LSP). (draft-dhody-pce-pcep-service-aware)
  • Framework for GMPLS and PCE Control of G.709 Optical Transport Networks (draft-ietf-ccamp-gmpls-g709-framework)
  • Routing and Wavelength Assignment Information Model for Wavelength Switched Optical Networks (draft-ietf-ccamp-rwa-info)
  • Problem Statement and Requirements for Transporting User to User Call Control Information in SIP (draft-ietf-cuss-sip-uui-reqs)
  • LISP Alternative Topology (LISP+ALT) (draft-ietf-lisp-alt)
  • LISP Internet Groper (LIG) (draft-ietf-lisp-lig)
  • Extensions to DKIM for Failure Reporting (draft-ietf-marf-dkim-reporting)
  • DHCPv6 Route Options (draft-ietf-mif-dhcpv6-route-option)
  • Mechanism for performing LSP-Ping over MPLS tunnels (draft-ietf-mpls-lsp-ping-enhanced-dsmap)
  • Requirements for indication of features supported by a SIP proxy (draft-ietf-sipcore-proxy-feature-reqs)
  • Enhanced RDMA Connection Establishment (draft-ietf-storm-mpa-peer-connect)
  • Clarification of sender behavior in persist condition. (draft-ietf-tcpm-persist)
  • Applicability of Keying Methods for RSVP Security (draft-ietf-tsvwg-rsvp-security-groupkeying)
  • Issues with Private IP Addressing in the Internet (draft-kirkham-private-ip-sp-cores)
  • FCoE over TRILL (draft-mme-trill-fcoe)
  • IPv6 Extension Headers Reserved Space (draft-pfeifer-6man-exthdr-res)
  • How to Contribute Research Results to Internet Standardization (draft-weeb-research-to-internet-stds)

Expired Drafts

  • IGMP/MLD-Based Explicit Membership Tracking Function for Multicast Routers (draft-asaeda-mboned-explicit-tracking)
  • Information model for G.709 Optical Transport Networks (OTN) (draft-bccg-ccamp-otn-g709-info-model)
  • Export of Application Information in IPFIX (draft-claise-export-application-info-in-ipfix)
  • The Pseudowire (PW) & Virtual Circuit Connectivity Verification (VCCV) Implementation Survey Results (draft-delregno-pw-vccv-impl-survey-results)
  • Updating TCP to support Variable-Rate Traffic (draft-fairhurst-tcpm-newcwv)
  • DNS Extended Service Discovery (ESRV) Record. (draft-hallambaker-esrv)
  • A RADIUS Attribute for SAML Messages (draft-ietf-abfab-aaa-saml)
  • DNSSEC Key Timing Considerations (draft-ietf-dnsop-dnssec-key-timing)
  • Using Device-provided Location-Related Measurements in Location Configuration Protocols (draft-ietf-geopriv-held-measurements)
  • Specifying Civic Address Extensions in PIDF-LO (draft-ietf-geopriv-local-civic)
  • BGP Link Bandwidth Extended Community (draft-ietf-idr-link-bandwidth)
  • Real Time Streaming Protocol 2.0 (RTSP) (draft-ietf-mmusic-rfc2326bis)
  • An extension to RELOAD to support Direct Response and Relay Peer routing (draft-jiang-p2psip-relay)
  • IPv6 AF Extensions for Route Target Distribution (draft-keyur-bgp-af-specific-rt-constrain)
  • Application Bridging for Federated Access Beyond Web (ABFAB) Architecture (draft-lear-abfab-arch)
  • Problem statement on address resolution in virtual machine migration (draft-liyz-armd-vm-migration-ps)
  • Title and Bandwidth Capabilities Negotiation in the Session Description Protocol (SDP) (draft-mmusic-sdp-icap-bcap)
  • Fast Connectivity Restoration Using BGP Add-path (draft-pmohapat-idr-fast-conn-restore)
  • Definition of Managed Objects for the IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low power and Lossy Networks (RPL) (draft-sehgal-roll-rpl-mib)
  • HUSH: Using HUmanly memorable SHared secrets with IKEv2 (draft-sheffer-ipsecme-hush)
  • Device Capability Negotiation for Device-Based Location Determination and Location Measurements in HELD (draft-thomson-geopriv-held-capabilities)
  • Digital Signature Methods for Location Dependability (draft-thomson-geopriv-location-dependability)
  • Representation of Uncertainty and Confidence in PIDF-LO (draft-thomson-geopriv-uncertainty)
  • Location Measurements for IEEE 802.16e Devices (draft-thomson-geopriv-wimax-measurements)
  • Proposal for the IETF on "RTP Payload Format for VP8 Video" (draft-westin-payload-vp8)
  • IEEE 1588/802.1AS Synchronisation for RTP Streams (draft-williams-avtext-avbsync)
  • Simple Tunnel Endpoint Signaling in BGP (draft-xu-softwire-tunnel-endpoint)
  • DisablePrivacy Flag of Prefix-information Option in the Router Advertisement (draft-yhb-6man-ra-privacy-flag)

Drafts Sent to IESG

IESG Progress

  • Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) Requirements (draft-ietf-alto-reqs): Publication Requested » AD Evaluation
  • LISP Alternative Topology (LISP+ALT) (draft-ietf-lisp-alt): AD Evaluation::Revised ID Needed » ::AD Followup
  • LISP Internet Groper (LIG) (draft-ietf-lisp-lig): IESG Evaluation::Revised ID Needed » ::AD Followup
  • Mechanism for performing LSP-Ping over MPLS tunnels (draft-ietf-mpls-lsp-ping-enhanced-dsmap): IESG Evaluation::Revised ID Needed » ::AD Followup
  • Using DNS SRV to Specify a Global File Name Space with NFS version 4 (draft-ietf-nfsv4-federated-fs-dns-srv-namespace): AD Evaluation::AD Followup » In Last Call
  • Enhanced RDMA Connection Establishment (draft-ietf-storm-mpa-peer-connect): AD Evaluation::Revised ID Needed » Last Call Requested

Drafts Sent to RFC Editor

Other Status Changes

  • Content Distribution Network Interconnection (CDNI) Problem Statement (draft-jenkins-cdni-problem-statement): Active » Replaced by draft-ietf-cdni-problem-statement

RFC Editor Status Changes

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