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New and Revived Drafts

  • Source-Specific Routing in Babel (draft-boutier-babel-source-specific)
  • Remote Participation Hubs (draft-elkins-ietf-remote-participation-hubs)
  • Using Conditional Router Advertisements for Enterprise Multihoming (draft-linkova-v6ops-conditional-ras)
  • Requirements for Interactive Query with Dynamic Network Probes (draft-song-opsa-dnp4iq)
  • draft-tiesel-socketintents
  • Socket Intents (draft-tiesel-taps-socketintents)

Updated Drafts

  • YANG Model for QoS (draft-asechoud-rtgwg-qos-model)
  • Minimal Security Framework for 6TiSCH (draft-ietf-6tisch-minimal-security)
  • Deprecate 3DES and RC4 in Kerberos (draft-ietf-curdle-des-des-des-die-die-die)
  • GSS-API Key Exchange with SHA2 (draft-ietf-curdle-gss-keyex-sha2)
  • Notification Message support for BGP Graceful Restart (draft-ietf-idr-bgp-gr-notification)
  • BGP Administrative Shutdown Communication (draft-ietf-idr-shutdown)
  • Security Automation and Continuous Monitoring (SACM) Requirements (draft-ietf-sacm-requirements)
  • Segment Routing interworking with LDP (draft-ietf-spring-segment-routing-ldp-interop)
  • An Architecture for Use of PCE and PCEP in a Network with Central Control (draft-ietf-teas-pce-central-control)
  • Using RSA Algorithms with COSE Messages (draft-jones-cose-rsa)
  • Certificate Transparency (CT) System Architecture (draft-kent-trans-architecture)
  • Advertising Segment Routing Policies in BGP (draft-previdi-idr-segment-routing-te-policy)
  • PMTUD Over Vxlan (draft-saum-nvo3-pmtud-over-vxlan)
  • A Mechanism Coping with Unexpected Disruption in Space Delay Tolerant Networks (draft-shi-dtn-amcud)

Expired Drafts

  • An IP option for describing the traffic flow (draft-chodorek-traffic-flow-option)
  • PCE auxiliary connections (draft-hu-pce-auxiliary-connections)
  • SIP Call-Info Parameters for Labeling Calls (draft-schulzrinne-sipcore-callinfo-spam)
  • Happy EarBalls: Success with Dual-Stack, Connection-Oriented SIP (draft-worley-sip-he-connection)

Drafts Sent to IESG

  • Message Encryption for Web Push (draft-ietf-webpush-encryption): Active » Publication Requested

IESG Progress

  • The ARIA Algorithm and Its Use with the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol(SRTP) (draft-ietf-avtcore-aria-srtp): Waiting for Writeup » In Last Call
  • Multicast using Bit Index Explicit Replication (draft-ietf-bier-architecture): Publication Requested » In Last Call
  • Rules for Designing Protocols Using the RFC 5444 Generalized Packet/ Message Format (draft-ietf-manet-rfc5444-usage): AD Evaluation::AD Followup » In Last Call
  • Security Automation and Continuous Monitoring (SACM) Requirements (draft-ietf-sacm-requirements): Waiting for Writeup » IESG Evaluation
  • Datacenter TCP (DCTCP): TCP Congestion Control for Datacenters (draft-ietf-tcpm-dctcp): In Last Call » Waiting for Writeup
  • TRILL: ARP/ND Optimization (draft-ietf-trill-arp-optimization): Publication Requested » In Last Call
  • Using RSA Algorithms with COSE Messages (draft-jones-cose-rsa): In Last Call » Waiting for AD Go-Ahead

Drafts Sent to RFC Editor

  • BGP Administrative Shutdown Communication (draft-ietf-idr-shutdown): Approved-announcement to be sent::AD Followup » RFC Ed Queue
  • Multipath Extension for the Optimized Link State Routing Protocol version 2 (OLSRv2) (draft-ietf-manet-olsrv2-multipath): IESG Evaluation::AD Followup » RFC Ed Queue
  • Clarifications for when to use the name-addr production in SIP messages (draft-ietf-sipcore-name-addr-guidance): Approved-announcement sent » RFC Ed Queue

Other Status Changes

  • An Overview of BGPsec (draft-ietf-sidr-bgpsec-overview): AD Evaluation::External Party » Active
  • draft-tiesel-socketintents: » Replaced by draft-tiesel-taps-socketintents

RFC Editor Status Changes

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