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New and Revived Drafts

  • Digital Product Life Cycle Model (draft-algermissen-digital-product-life-cycle-model)
  • BGP Security Tracking (draft-beck-bgp-security-tracking)
  • Segment routing for SD-WAN paths over hybrid networks (draft-dunbar-sr-sdwan-over-hybrid-networks)
  • Extended Tokens and Stateless Clients in the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) (draft-ietf-core-stateless)
  • Minimal TCP Convergence-Layer Protocol (draft-ietf-dtn-mtcpcl)
  • OSPF Extension for Prefix Originator (draft-ietf-lsr-ospf-prefix-originator)
  • TLS 1.3 Extension for Certificate-based Authentication with an External Pre-Shared Key (draft-ietf-tls-tls13-cert-with-extern-psk)
  • YANG Data Model for FlexE Interface Management (draft-jiang-ccamp-flexe-yang)
  • The MASQUE Protocol (draft-schinazi-masque)
  • DNS Long-Lived Queries (draft-sekar-dns-llq)
  • TLS Resumption across Server Name Indications for TLS 1.3 (draft-sy-tls-resumption-group)

Updated Drafts

  • Limited Domains and Internet Protocols (draft-carpenter-limited-domains)
  • YANG Geo Location (draft-chopps-netmod-geo-location)
  • The 'payto' URI scheme for payments (draft-dold-payto)
  • Subnet ID Deprecation for IPv6 (draft-dykim-6man-sid6)
  • Measures against cache poisoning attacks using IP fragmentation in DNS (draft-fujiwara-dnsop-fragment-attack)
  • Updates to Requirements for IPv6 Options (draft-herbert-ipv6-update-opts)
  • BIER BFD (draft-hu-bier-bfd)
  • An Architecture for IPv6 over the TSCH mode of IEEE 802.15.4 (draft-ietf-6tisch-architecture)
  • BGP Control Plane for NSH SFC (draft-ietf-bess-nsh-bgp-control-plane)
  • Deterministic Networking (DetNet) Security Considerations (draft-ietf-detnet-security)
  • Distributed-Denial-of-Service Open Threat Signaling (DOTS) Architecture (draft-ietf-dots-architecture)
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Open Threat Signaling Requirements (draft-ietf-dots-requirements)
  • Delay-Tolerant Networking TCP Convergence Layer Protocol Version 4 (draft-ietf-dtn-tcpclv4)
  • Structure of the IETF Administrative Support Activity, Version 2.0 (draft-ietf-iasa2-rfc4071bis)
  • JSON Meta Application Protocol (draft-ietf-jmap-core)
  • JMAP for Mail (draft-ietf-jmap-mail)
  • MPLS Transport Encapsulation For The SFC NSH (draft-ietf-mpls-sfc-encapsulation)
  • SR-MPLS over IP (draft-ietf-mpls-sr-over-ip)
  • A YANG Data Model for MPLS Static LSPs (draft-ietf-mpls-static-yang)
  • YangPush Notification Capabilities (draft-ietf-netconf-notification-capabilities)
  • YANG Module Tags (draft-ietf-netmod-module-tags)
  • PCEP Extension for WSON Routing and Wavelength Assignment (draft-ietf-pce-wson-rwa-ext)
  • YANG Data Model for Segment Routing (draft-ietf-spring-sr-yang)
  • A Yang Data Model for Optical Impairment-aware Topology (draft-lee-ccamp-optical-impairment-topology-yang)
  • PCEP Extension for Distribution of Link-State and TE information for Optical Networks (draft-lee-pce-pcep-ls-optical)
  • Geneve Security Requirements (draft-mglt-nvo3-geneve-security-requirements)
  • Updates for the Back-to-back Frame Benchmark in RFC 2544 (draft-morton-bmwg-b2b-frame)
  • Ad Hoc On-demand Distance Vector Version 2 (AODVv2) Routing (draft-perkins-manet-aodvv2)
  • A Persistent Web IDentifier (PWID) URN Namespace (draft-pwid-urn-specification)
  • Asymmetric Extended Route Optimization (AERO) (draft-templin-intarea-6706bis)
  • NMDA Base Notification for Applied Intended Configuration (draft-wu-netmod-base-notification-nmda)
  • A YANG Data model for Policy based Event Management (draft-wwx-netmod-event-yang)
  • A YANG Data Model for Client-layer Topology (draft-zheng-ccamp-client-topo-yang)

Expired Drafts

  • Architecture for Delay-Tolerant Key Administration (draft-burleigh-dtnwg-dtka)
  • YANG Data Model for BIER RPCs (draft-chen-bier-rpcs-yang)
  • YANG Data Model for VxLAN Protocol (draft-chen-nvo3-vxlan-yang)
  • Anycast-SID FRR in SR (draft-chen-spring-anycast-sid-frr)
  • Architectural View of E2E Latency and Gaps (draft-dunbar-e2e-latency-arch-view-and-gaps)
  • Interconnecting Millions Of Endpoints With Segment Routing (draft-filsfils-spring-large-scale-interconnect)
  • Federated Authentication for the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) using OpenID Connect (draft-hollenbeck-regext-rdap-openid)
  • Extension to BGP's Route Refresh Message (draft-idr-bgp-route-refresh-options)
  • PIM NULL Register packing (draft-ramki-pim-null-register-packing)
  • Multiple Public-Key Algorithm X.509 Certificates (draft-truskovsky-lamps-pq-hybrid-x509)

Drafts Sent to IESG

  • Resource Indicators for OAuth 2.0 (draft-ietf-oauth-resource-indicators): Active » Publication Requested
  • Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN): Relay Extensions to Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) (draft-ietf-tram-turnbis): Active » Publication Requested

IESG Progress

  • BGP-LS extensions for Segment Routing BGP Egress Peer Engineering (draft-ietf-idr-bgpls-segment-routing-epe): AD Evaluation » ::Revised I-D Needed
  • IS-IS Extensions for Segment Routing (draft-ietf-isis-segment-routing-extensions): Publication Requested » AD Evaluation
  • JSON Meta Application Protocol (draft-ietf-jmap-core): IESG Evaluation::Revised I-D Needed » ::AD Followup
  • JMAP for Mail (draft-ietf-jmap-mail): IESG Evaluation::Revised I-D Needed » ::AD Followup
  • YANG Module Tags (draft-ietf-netmod-module-tags): In Last Call » Waiting for Writeup
  • Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Domain Name Mapping Extension for Strict Bundling Registration (draft-ietf-regext-bundling-registration): Publication Requested » In Last Call
  • Ad Hoc On-demand Distance Vector Version 2 (AODVv2) Routing (draft-perkins-manet-aodvv2): AD Evaluation::Revised I-D Needed » ::AD Followup

Drafts Sent to RFC Editor

Other Status Changes

  • Extended Tokens and Stateless Clients in the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) (draft-hartke-core-stateless): Active » Replaced by draft-ietf-core-stateless

RFC Editor Status Changes

  • DNS Scoped Data Through "Underscore" Naming of Attribute Leaves (draft-ietf-dnsop-attrleaf): » AUTH48
  • DNS Attrleaf Changes: Fixing Specifications with Underscored Node Name Use (draft-ietf-dnsop-attrleaf-fix): » AUTH48

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