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New and Revived Drafts

  • Extensions to WHois service to allow query on email identities (draft-emailwhois-pradeepkumarxplorer)
  • We're gonna need a bigger threat model (draft-farrell-etm)
  • Data Model for Static Context Header Compression (SCHC) (draft-ietf-lpwan-schc-yang-data-model)
  • JSON Web Token (JWT) Profile for OAuth 2.0 Access Tokens (draft-ietf-oauth-access-token-jwt)
  • A YANG Data Model for Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) (draft-ietf-pim-msdp-yang)
  • Multicast Traceroute for MVPNs (draft-kebler-kurapati-l3vpn-mvpn-mtrace)
  • Intent Classification (draft-li-nmrg-intent-classification)
  • The Use of Registries (draft-wilde-registries)
  • IS-IS Flooding Reduction in MSDC (draft-xu-lsr-isis-flooding-reduction-in-msdc)
  • OSPF Flooding Reduction in MSDC (draft-xu-lsr-ospf-flooding-reduction-in-msdc)
  • BGP Topology Discovery Requirements (draft-ymbk-lsvr-discovery-req)

Updated Drafts

  • YANG Model for OSPFv3 Extended LSAs (draft-acee-lsr-ospfv3-extended-lsa-yang)
  • ECC Brainpool Curves for Transport Layer Security (TLS) Version 1.3 (draft-bruckert-brainpool-for-tls13)
  • Co-existence of 3GPP 5GS and Identifier-Locator Separation Architecture (draft-homma-dmm-5gs-id-loc-coexistence)
  • PIM Signaling Through BIER Core (draft-ietf-bier-pim-signaling)
  • Recommended Usage of the Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) (draft-ietf-dmarc-arc-usage)
  • Bundle Protocol Version 7 (draft-ietf-dtn-bpbis)
  • Minimal TCP Convergence-Layer Protocol (draft-ietf-dtn-mtcpcl)
  • Simple Two-way Active Measurement Protocol (draft-ietf-ippm-stamp)
  • Transmission of IPv6 Packets over IEEE 802.11 Networks operating in mode Outside the Context of a Basic Service Set (IPv6-over-80211-OCB) (draft-ietf-ipwave-ipv6-over-80211ocb)
  • DNS Reverse IP AMT Discovery (draft-ietf-mboned-driad-amt-discovery)
  • SDP-based Data Channel Negotiation (draft-ietf-mmusic-data-channel-sdpneg)
  • PCEP Extensions for MPLS-TE LSP Automatic Bandwidth Adjustment with Stateful PCE (draft-ietf-pce-stateful-pce-auto-bandwidth)
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 3 (HTTP/3) (draft-ietf-quic-http)
  • QPACK: Header Compression for HTTP/3 (draft-ietf-quic-qpack)
  • QUIC Loss Detection and Congestion Control (draft-ietf-quic-recovery)
  • Using TLS to Secure QUIC (draft-ietf-quic-tls)
  • QUIC: A UDP-Based Multiplexed and Secure Transport (draft-ietf-quic-transport)
  • RIFT: Routing in Fat Trees (draft-ietf-rift-rift)
  • A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Response Code for Rejected Calls (draft-ietf-sipcore-rejected)
  • TE Topology and Tunnel Modeling for Transport Networks (draft-ietf-teas-te-topo-and-tunnel-modeling)
  • SMTP Require TLS Option (draft-ietf-uta-smtp-require-tls)
  • Flowspec Indirection-id Redirect for SRv6 (draft-ietf0-idr-srv6-flowspec-path-redirect)
  • Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite Profile of Certificate Management over CMS (draft-jenkins-cnsa-cmc-profile)
  • PIM Backup Designated Router Procedure (draft-mankamana-pim-bdr)
  • Semi-Static Diffie-Hellman Key Establishment for TLS 1.3 (draft-rescorla-tls-semistatic-dh)
  • Postcard-based On-Path Flow Data Telemetry (draft-song-ippm-postcard-based-telemetry)
  • Origin Validation Policy Considerations for Dropping Invalid Routes (draft-sriram-sidrops-drop-invalid-policy)
  • Service Programming with Segment Routing (draft-xuclad-spring-sr-service-programming)

Expired Drafts

  • Architecture for Overlay Virtual Sub-Network Interconnection (draft-ao-nvo3-overlay-subnet-architecture)
  • draft-ao-sfc-scalability-analysis
  • draft-boucadair-netmod-softwire-iftunnel
  • draft-chen-detnet-sr-based-bounded-latency
  • draft-fairhurst-udp-options-cco
  • draft-garciamorchon-t2trg-automated-iot-security
  • draft-iab-rfc7991bis
  • draft-ietf-acme-email-smime
  • draft-ietf-bess-evpn-na-flags
  • draft-ietf-bess-l3vpn-yang
  • IETF Working Group Guidelines and Procedures (draft-ietf-iasa2-rfc2418bis)
  • draft-ietf-oauth-distributed
  • draft-ietf-oauth-reciprocal
  • draft-ietf-oauth-token-binding
  • draft-ietf-sidrops-signed-tal
  • Proof of Possession to Devices for Onboarding (draft-lear-brski-pop)
  • Network QoS Expectations Extensions for MUD (draft-lear-opsawg-mud-bw-profile)
  • draft-lee-teas-actn-vpn-poi
  • POF-ICN based multihoming transmission framework (draft-wang-multihoming-icn)

Drafts Sent to IESG

IESG Progress

  • Algorithm Identifiers for the HMAC-based Extract-and-Expand Key Derivation Function (HKDF) (draft-housley-hkdf-oids): In Last Call » Waiting for Writeup
  • Updated processing of Control Flags for BGP VPLS (draft-ietf-bess-bgp-vpls-control-flags): Approved-announcement to be sent::AD Followup » Approved-announcement sent
  • SDP-based Data Channel Negotiation (draft-ietf-mmusic-data-channel-sdpneg): IESG Evaluation::Revised I-D Needed » ::AD Followup
  • SDP: Session Description Protocol (draft-ietf-mmusic-rfc4566bis): Waiting for Writeup » ::Point Raised - writeup needed
  • The TACACS+ Protocol (draft-ietf-opsawg-tacacs): In Last Call » Waiting for Writeup
  • A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Response Code for Rejected Calls (draft-ietf-sipcore-rejected): Publication Requested » ::AD Followup
  • Tunnel Interface Types YANG Module (draft-ietf-softwire-iftunnel): AD Evaluation » In Last Call
  • RADIUS Attributes for Address plus Port (A+P) based Softwire Mechanisms (draft-ietf-softwire-map-radius): Publication Requested » AD Evaluation
  • SMTP Require TLS Option (draft-ietf-uta-smtp-require-tls): IESG Evaluation - Defer::Revised I-D Needed » ::AD Followup

Drafts Sent to RFC Editor

  • Algorithm Implementation Requirements and Usage Guidance for DNSSEC (draft-ietf-dnsop-algorithm-update): Approved-announcement to be sent::AD Followup » RFC Ed Queue

Other Status Changes

  • draft-bertocci-oauth-access-token-jwt: Active » Replaced by draft-ietf-oauth-access-token-jwt
  • Intent Classification (draft-draft-li-intent-classification): Active » Replaced by draft-li-nmrg-intent-classification
  • Static Context Header Compression (SCHC) over LoRaWAN (draft-petrov-lpwan-ipv6-schc-over-lorawan): Active » Replaced by draft-ietf-lpwan-schc-over-lorawan
  • draft-rekhter-mdcs: Expired » Replaced by draft-ietf-idr-mdcs
  • draft-rekhter-mdrs: Expired » Replaced by draft-ietf-idr-mdrs
  • Data Model for Static Context Header Compression (SCHC) (draft-toutain-lpwan-schc-yang-data-model): Active » Replaced by draft-ietf-lpwan-schc-yang-data-model

RFC Editor Status Changes

  • SIP-based Messaging with S/MIME (draft-campbell-sip-messaging-smime): » AUTH48
  • Change Poll Extension for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) (draft-ietf-regext-change-poll): » AUTH48
  • PASSporT SHAKEN Extension (SHAKEN) (draft-ietf-stir-passport-shaken): » AUTH48

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