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New and Revived Drafts

  • Use of the Walnut Digital Signature Algorithm with CBOR Object Signing and Encryption (COSE) (draft-atkins-suit-cose-walnutdsa)
  • Extensions to WHois service to allow query on email identities (draft-emailarchiveitoption-std)
  • ACME Integrations (draft-friel-acme-integrations)
  • Using TLS 1.3 with HTTP/2 (draft-ietf-httpbis-http2-tls13)
  • Signaling Entropy Label Capability and Entropy Readable Label-stack Depth Using OSPF (draft-ietf-ospf-mpls-elc)
  • ACME Overview (draft-moriarty-acme-overview)

Updated Drafts

  • The Quality for Service Protocol (draft-aranda-dispatch-q4s)
  • A SAVI Solution for WLAN (draft-bi-savi-wlan)
  • IGP Flexible Algorithm (draft-ietf-lsr-flex-algo)
  • Session Description Protocol (SDP) Offer/Answer procedures for Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) (draft-ietf-mmusic-ice-sip-sdp)
  • OpenPGP Message Format (draft-ietf-openpgp-rfc4880bis)
  • Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite Profile of Certificate Management over CMS (draft-jenkins-cnsa-cmc-profile)
  • OpenPGP Web Key Directory (draft-koch-openpgp-webkey-service)
  • Deprecating MD5 and SHA-1 signature hashes in TLS 1.2 (draft-lvelvindron-tls-md5-sha1-deprecate)
  • The length of the prefix of an IPv6 link-local address ranges from 10 to 127 (draft-petrescu-6man-ll-prefix-len)

Expired Drafts

  • Security Mechanism Names for Media (draft-dawes-sipcore-mediasec-parameter)
  • Requirements for the extension of the IGMP/MLD proxy functionality to support multiple upstream interfaces (draft-ietf-pim-multiple-upstreams-reqs)
  • The Time Zone Data Distribution Service (TZDIST) Geolocate Extension (draft-murchison-tzdist-geolocate)

Drafts Sent to IESG

IESG Progress

  • Packet Delivery Deadline time in 6LoWPAN Routing Header (draft-ietf-6lo-deadline-time): Waiting for Writeup::AD Followup » IESG Evaluation
  • Well-Known Community Policy Behavior (draft-ietf-grow-wkc-behavior): In Last Call » Waiting for Writeup
  • TCP Extensions for Multipath Operation with Multiple Addresses (draft-ietf-mptcp-rfc6824bis): Waiting for Writeup » IESG Evaluation
  • TinyMT32 Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) (draft-ietf-tsvwg-tinymt32): In Last Call » Waiting for Writeup

Drafts Sent to RFC Editor

  • Deterministic Networking Architecture (draft-ietf-detnet-architecture): IESG Evaluation::AD Followup » RFC Ed Queue
  • Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol (DLEP) Multi-Hop Forwarding Extension (draft-ietf-manet-dlep-multi-hop-extension): Approved-announcement sent » RFC Ed Queue

Other Status Changes

RFC Editor Status Changes

  • CCNx Messages in TLV Format (draft-irtf-icnrg-ccnxmessages): » AUTH48

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IESG/IAB/IAOC/Trust Minutes

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