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The backup server runs rsync at 05 and 35 minutes of the hour

rsync -axz --delete --exclude 'data/archive_index' -e ssh $SHOST:/a/mailarch/ /a/mailarch

Removing Messages from the Archive

New Mail Archive

  • login to the archive using an account with administrative permissions. https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/
  • click the Admin link below the main search field
  • use the search form to find messages for deletion
  • in the results list, select message(s) to delete and select action "Remove selected messages", click Go
  • the message file will be moved to the "archive/[list]/_removed" directory, and removed from the searchable index


  • locate the message you want to remove in MHonArc. Example: http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/ipv6/current/msg22587.html
  • using the file name from the URL locate the file on disk, ie: /a/www/ietf-mail-archive/web/ipv6/current/msg22587.html
  • replace the body of the message with some text "This message has been removed at the request of XXX".

Legacy (MHonArc) Redirects

Once deployed, legacy MHonArc message URLs will be redirected to the new archive using the following method.

  • mlarchive/bin/get_legacy_numbers.py script is used to crawl the legacy MHonArc archive and gather list, msgid <=> message number mappings. The message number comes from the message filename (and URL) msgNNNNN.html.
  • mlarchive/bin/migrate_legacy_numbers.py script is used to populate the archive database message.legacy_number fields
  • the following Apache config redirects the legacy URL to the new archive, which in turn redirects to the new message URL
    RedirectMatch    ^/mail-archive/web/([^/]+)/current/msg([0-9]+).html https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/legacy/msg/$1/$2