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rfc7256Multicast Control Extensions for the Access Node Control Protocol (ANCP).
F. Le Faucheur, R. Maglione, T. Taylor. July 2014.
(Format: TXT=234572 bytes) (Updates RFC6320) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7257Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) Management Information Base.
T. Nadeau, Ed., A. Kiran Koushik, Ed., R. Mediratta, Ed.. July 2014. (Format: TXT=89099 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7260GMPLS RSVP-TE Extensions for Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Configuration.
A. Takacs, D. Fedyk, J. He. June 2014.
(Format: TXT=58030 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7272Inter-Destination Media Synchronization (IDMS) Using the RTP Control Protocol (RTCP).
R. van Brandenburg, H. Stokking, O. van Deventer, F. Boronat, M. Montagud, K. Gross. June 2014.
(Format: TXT=56261 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7273RTP Clock Source Signalling.
A. Williams, K. Gross, R. van Brandenburg, H. Stokking. June 2014.
(Format: TXT=63009 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7293The Require-Recipient-Valid-Since Header Field and SMTP Service Extension.
W. Mills, M. Kucherawy. July 2014.
(Format: TXT=54440 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7294RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Extended Report (XR) Blocks for Concealment Metrics Reporting on Audio Applications.
A. Clark, G. Zorn, C. Bi, Q. Wu. July 2014.
(Format: TXT=43611 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7295Report from the IAB/IRTF Workshop on Congestion Control for Interactive Real-Time Communication.
H. Tschofenig, L. Eggert, Z. Sarker. July 2014.
(Format: TXT=59655 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
rfc7297IP Connectivity Provisioning Profile (CPP).
M. Boucadair, C. Jacquenet, N. Wang. July 2014.
(Format: TXT=48281 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
rfc7300Reservation of Last Autonomous System (AS) Numbers.
J. Haas, J. Mitchell. July 2014.
(Format: TXT=7952 bytes) (Updates RFC1930) (Also BCP0006) (Status: BEST CURRENT PRACTICE)
rfc7302Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) URN Namespace Definition.
P. Lemieux. July 2014.
(Format: TXT=14419 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
rfc7303XML Media Types.
H. Thompson, C. Lilley. July 2014.
(Format: TXT=77654 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC3023) (Updates RFC6839) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7304A Method for Mitigating Namespace Collisions.
W. Kumari. July 2014.
(Format: TXT=6626 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
rfc7320URI Design and Ownership.
M. Nottingham. July 2014.
(Format: TXT=18275 bytes) (Updates RFC3986) (Also BCP0190) (Status: BEST CURRENT PRACTICE)

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2014-07-10 16:53 XML  draft-ietf-trans-rfc6962-bis-04
2014-07-10 15:09 XML  draft-ietf-mmusic-rtsp-nat-22
2014-07-09 13:22      draft-ietf-eman-applicability-statement-07
2014-07-08 22:39      draft-foo
2014-07-08 20:16 XML  draft-flanagan-nonascii-03
2014-07-08 18:55 XML  draft-ietf-appsawg-email-auth-codes-04
2014-07-08 16:21 XML  draft-ietf-tls-tls13-02

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