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rfc7382Template for a Certification Practice Statement (CPS) for the Resource PKI (RPKI).
S. Kent, D. Kong, K. Seo. April 2015.
(Format: TXT=82372 bytes) (Also BCP0173) (Status: BEST CURRENT PRACTICE)
rfc7467URN Namespace for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
A. Murdock. April 2015.
(Format: TXT=16675 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
rfc7468Textual Encodings of PKIX, PKCS, and CMS Structures.
S. Josefsson, S. Leonard. April 2015.
(Format: TXT=41594 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7469Public Key Pinning Extension for HTTP.
C. Evans, C. Palmer, R. Sleevi. April 2015.
(Format: TXT=61619 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7474Security Extension for OSPFv2 When Using Manual Key Management.
M. Bhatia, S. Hartman, D. Zhang, A. Lindem, Ed.. April 2015.
(Format: TXT=31832 bytes) (Updates RFC2328, RFC5709) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7490Remote Loop-Free Alternate (LFA) Fast Reroute (FRR).
S. Bryant, C. Filsfils, S. Previdi, M. Shand, N. So. April 2015.
(Format: TXT=66207 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7494IEEE 802.11 Medium Access Control (MAC) Profile for Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP).
C. Shao, H. Deng, R. Pazhyannur, F. Bari, R. Zhang, S. Matsushima. April 2015.
(Format: TXT=23378 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7496Additional Policies for the Partially Reliable Stream Control Transmission Protocol Extension.
M. Tuexen, R. Seggelmann, R. Stewart, S. Loreto. April 2015.
(Format: TXT=21272 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7498Problem Statement for Service Function Chaining.
P. Quinn, Ed., T. Nadeau, Ed.. April 2015.
(Format: TXT=28970 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
rfc7501Terminology for Benchmarking Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Devices: Basic Session Setup and Registration.
C. Davids, V. Gurbani, S. Poretsky. April 2015.
(Format: TXT=36573 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
rfc7502Methodology for Benchmarking Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Devices: Basic Session Setup and Registration.
C. Davids, V. Gurbani, S. Poretsky. April 2015.
(Format: TXT=41281 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
rfc7506IPv6 Router Alert Option for MPLS Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM).
K. Raza, N. Akiya, C. Pignataro. April 2015. (Format: TXT=11322 bytes) (Updates RFC4379) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7507TLS Fallback Signaling Cipher Suite Value (SCSV) for Preventing Protocol Downgrade Attacks.
B. Moeller, A. Langley. April 2015. (Format: TXT=17165 bytes) (Updates RFC2246, RFC4346, RFC4347, RFC5246, RFC6347) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7508Securing Header Fields with S/MIME.
L. Cailleux, C. Bonatti. April 2015.
(Format: TXT=39853 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)
rfc7512The PKCS #11 URI Scheme.
J. Pechanec, D. Moffat. April 2015. (Format: TXT=48759 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7527Enhanced Duplicate Address Detection.
R. Asati, H. Singh, W. Beebee, C. Pignataro, E. Dart, W. George. April 2015.
(Format: TXT=24528 bytes) (Updates RFC4429, RFC4861, RFC4862) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
rfc7528A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) Association.
P. Higgs, J. Piesing. April 2015. (Format: TXT=12921 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

New Drafts during the last 72 hours :
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2015-04-27 04:20      draft-xu-actn-perf-dynamic-service-control-03
2015-04-27 03:43      draft-coras-lisp-re-07
2015-04-27 03:23      draft-ietf-idr-sla-exchange-05
2015-04-27 02:36      draft-bzwu-tls-ecdhe-keyshare-00
2015-04-27 01:25 XML  draft-tsou-behave-natx4-log-reduction-05
2015-04-27 01:11      draft-ietf-trill-channel-tunnel-05
2015-04-26 23:22      draft-rfernando-bess-service-chaining-01
2015-04-26 21:10 XML  draft-ietf-ipsecme-chacha20-poly1305-05
2015-04-26 20:47 XML  draft-ietf-ipsecme-chacha20-poly1305-04
2015-04-26 19:33      draft-ietf-opsawg-capwap-alt-tunnel-05
2015-04-26 18:29 XML  draft-melnikov-imap4rev2-00
2015-04-26 12:00      draft-patel-raszuk-bgp-vector-routing-05
2015-04-26 11:53      draft-raszuk-idr-bgp-pr-03
2015-04-26 11:51      draft-ietf-idr-bgp-optimal-route-reflection-09
2015-04-26 03:44 XML  draft-sweet-rfc2911bis-00
2015-04-26 03:37 XML  draft-sweet-rfc2910bis-00
2015-04-25 23:31 XML  draft-kumarkini-mpls-spring-lsp-ping-03
2015-04-25 19:41 XML  draft-ietf-httpbis-legally-restricted-status-00
2015-04-25 14:46 XML  draft-saarinen-blake2-03
2015-04-25 13:39      draft-ietf-nfsv4-scsi-layout-00
2015-04-25 09:05 XML  draft-ietf-ipsecme-chacha20-poly1305-03
2015-04-25 04:41 XML  draft-mccallum-kitten-krb-spake-preauth-00
2015-04-25 03:58      draft-ietf-dnsop-negative-trust-anchors-04
2015-04-24 22:01 XML  draft-ietf-netmod-rfc6087bis-02
2015-04-24 20:53 XML  draft-ietf-scim-api-17
2015-04-24 19:29 XML  draft-vb-openpgp-linked-ids-01
2015-04-24 18:30      draft-ietf-tsvwg-port-use-11
2015-04-24 16:46 XML  draft-sparks-genarea-review-tracker-01
2015-04-24 16:38 XML  draft-behringer-anima-reference-model-01
2015-04-24 16:24 XML  draft-ietf-scim-core-schema-18
2015-04-24 15:40      draft-herbert-udp-magic-numbers-00
2015-04-24 14:07      draft-liu-rtgwg-yang-rip-00
2015-04-24 14:06 XML  draft-iana-charset-reg-procedure-01
2015-04-24 13:23 XML  draft-young-md-query-saml-04
2015-04-24 13:21 XML  draft-young-md-query-05
2015-04-24 10:53 XML  draft-ietf-homenet-dncp-03
2015-04-24 09:17      draft-individual-ananda-sip-call-indicator-00
2015-04-24 07:43      draft-ietf-bfd-mpls-mib-06

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