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Network Working Group                                          M. Betts
Internet Draft                                                      ZTE
Intended status: Informational                         October 16, 2011
Expires: April 16, 2012

      Allocation of an Associated Channel Code Point for Use by ITU-T
                            Ethernet based OAM

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Betts                    Expires April 16,2012                  [Page 1]

Internet-Draft      ACh code point for Ethernet OAM         October 2011

   This document assigns an Associated Channel Type code point for
   carrying Ethernet based Operations, Administration, and Management
   messages in the MPLS Generic Associated Channel (G-ACh).

 1. Introduction

   MPLS-TP is a profile of MPLS technology for use in packet transport
   networks. The MPLS-TP (as, indeed, MPLS) is defined exclusively in
   IETF consensus RFCs. The MPLS-TP profile includes a complete set of
   Operations, Administration, and Management (OAM) tools [I-D.ietf-
   mpls-tp-oam-analysis], to meet the OAM functional requirements
   defined in [RFC 5860].

   The ITU-T plans to document, in [G.8113.1], the use of Ethernet based
   OAM mechanisms, originally defined in [Y.1731], carried in the MPLS
   Generic Associated Channel (G-ACh). This approach requires the
   allocation of an ACH Type from the registry of ACH types maintained
   by IANA in order that the messages that will be described in
   [G.8113.1] can be identified by an implementation.

   A significant body of experts in the IETF does not consider that the
   development or deployment of a second protocol solution within the
   same architectural problem space is necessary or advisable [I-

   However, out of respect for the views of the members of the ITU-T
   that wish to approve [G.8113.1] and to allow deployment of an
   Ethernet based OAM solution without continuing to resorting to the
   use of an experimental ACH Type, this document requests IANA to
   assign an ACH Type code point for limited use by the ITU-T. The ACH
   type shall be known as the Ethernet based OAM ACH Type.

 2. Scope of the Ethernet based OAM ACH Type

   The code point allocated by this document is to be used only for
   Ethernet based OAM messages carried in theG-ACh. Only the Ethernet
   based OAM messages and procedures, that address the OAM functional
   requirements defined in [RFC 5860] and that will be defined in the
   ITU-T Recommendation [G.8113.1], are to be carried using this code
   point. It must not be used as a mechanism to carry other messages or
   protocols "hiding" behind the ACH Type.

 3. Security Considerations

   As noted in [RFC5586], when new ACH Types are defined the "security
   considerations must be described in the relevant associated channel

Betts                    Expires April 16,2012                  [Page 2]

Internet-Draft      ACh code point for Ethernet OAM         October 2011

   type." Thus, any specification of messages to be carried on the
   Ethernet OAM ACH Type must include the necessary security
   considerations. The IETF takes this opportunity to remind the ITU-T
   of the need to describe security considerations in [G.8113.1].

 4. IANA Considerations

   IANA maintains a registry of Pseudowire Associated Channel Types as a
   subregistry of the Pseudowire Name Spaces registry.

   IANA is requested to allocate a new code point as follows:

      Value        Description              TLV Follows  Reference

      -----------  -----------------------  -----------  ---------

      TBD          Ethernet based OAM         No           [This.I-D]

   A value of decimal 0x8902 is suggested.

 5. References

5.1. Normative References

   [RFC5586] Vigoureux, M., Bocci, M., Swallow, G., Ward, D., Aggarwal,
             R., "MPLS Generic Associated Channel", RFC 5586, June 2009

   [RFC5860] Requirements for Operations, Administration, and
             Maintenance (OAM) in MPLS Transport Networks, RFC 5860, May

5.2. Informative References

             Sprecher, N., and Fang, L., "An Overview of the OAM Tool
             Set for  MPLS based Transport Networks", draft-ietf-mpls-
             tp-oam-analysis, work in progress.

             Sprecher, N. and Hong, KY., "The Reasons for Selecting a
             Single Solution for MPLS-TP OAM", draft-sprecher-mpls-tp-
             oam-considerations, work in progress.

   [G.8113.1]Operations, Administration and Maintenance mechanisms for
             MPLS-TP networks using the tools defined in G.8013/Y.1731

   [Y.1731] OAM functions and mechanisms for Ethernet based networks

Betts                    Expires April 16,2012                  [Page 3]

Internet-Draft      ACh code point for Ethernet OAM         October 2011

 6. Acknowledgments

   This document was prepared using 2-Word-v2.0.template.dot.

Betts                    Expires April 16,2012                  [Page 4]

Internet-Draft      ACh code point for Ethernet OAM         October 2011

Authors' Addresses

   Malcolm Betts

   Email: Malcolm.betts@zte.com.cn

Betts                    Expires April 16,2012                [Page 5]

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