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Filename:          draft-ietf-speermint-consolidated-presence-im-usecases
Version:           04
Staging URL:       http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/staging/draft-ietf-speermint-consolidated-presence-im-usecases-04.txt
Title:             Presence & Instant Messaging Peering Use Cases
Creation_date:     2008-02-15
WG ID:             speermint
Number_of_pages: 9
The document describes several use cases of peering of non-VoIP
services between two or more Service Providers.  These Service
Providers create a peering relationship between themselves thus
enabling their users to collaborate with users on the other Service
Provider network.  The target of the document is to drive
requirements for peering between domains that provide the non-VoIP
based collaboration services and presence and Instant Messaging (IM)
in particular.

Submitter: Avshalom Houri (avshalom@il.ibm.com)

Avshalom Houri, avshalom@il.ibm.com
Edwin Aoki, aoki@aol.net
Sriram Parameswar, Sriram.Parameswar@microsoft.com

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