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This page is not being actively maintained because it has largely been superseded by the front page of tools.ietf.org, which is regularly updated as new tools become available.

Available Verification Tools

MIB validation

  • Web interface to libsmi tools This is a web interface to the smilint, smistrip, and smidump tools. For many people, this is probably much more convenient compared to installing libsmi locally or using the email interface.
  • MIB review tools Smilint and smicng at www.ops.ietf.org
  • Index of MIBs Index of MIBs from RFCs and I-Ds
  • Extracted MIBs Bill Fenner's repository of MIBs
  • MIB Samples Bill Fenner's linted MIBs from I-Ds

ABNF validation

Message validation

  • msglint RFC 822/MIME/DSN/MDN/Tracking-Status message validator

Draft validation

  • idnits Henrik Levkowetz' I-D Nits tool
  • xml2rfc validator Bill Fenner's validator for XML input to xml2rfc. Performs <?rfc include="" ?> processing, RFC2629(bis) DTD validation, and a series of additional checks which DTD validation cannot catch.

XML validation

Proposed Tools

- Currently no registered proposals -

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