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Getdrafts Tool

Download WG drafts
Version: 1.03
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getdrafts - download drafts for an IETF meeting
getdrafts [OPTIONS] MEETING WG [WG...]

Get a copy of every relevant draft for a given meeting for

some set of wgs and stuff them in MEETING/WG.
Print the drafts if the -p option is given.

MEETING is expected to be of the form YYmmm, e.g., for the IETF meeting in Prague, March 2007, MEETING would be "07mar".

WG is the working group acronym.

--version Show version
-v verbose
-V really verbose
-p print all the drafts that haven't been printed yet
-n don't download drafts that aren't here already
-c clean up
-d print to another printer
-P override the printing command entirely
-s search for alternate draft versions if the main version isn't found
Written by Eric Rescorla <ekr@networkresonance.com>
Copyright 2007 Eric Rescorla

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