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Loginmgr Tool

Set up or update tools server login and password
Version: 0.18
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Password Request

In order to log in to password-protected pages on tools.ietf.org, you need a login identity and a password. Your login identity is simply your email address.

Please observe that you do not need a password in order to subscribe to IETF mailing lists, retrieve IETF drafts or RFCs, or almost any other IETF-related activity on tools.ietf.org but updating of WG issue-tracker items or wiki pages.

(Please use an all lower-case email address for this purpose. Http authentication is case sensitive, and consistently using lower-case emails as login names avoids unnecessary trouble when access control lists for various areas are updated based on email addresses changes.)

To get or re-set a password, you need a one-time URL which you can request here. :

Email (lowercase): 

Latest update: 2011-04-14 06:28 PDT - webmaster@tools.ietf.org