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IPv6 over Networks of Resource-constrained Nodes (Active WG)
Int Area: √Čric Vyncke, Erik Kline | 2013-Oct-11 —  

IETF-108 6lo agenda

Session 2020-07-29 1300-1350: Room 1 - Audio stream - 6lo chatroom


                6lo WG Agenda - IETF 108, Virtual
                13:00-13:50 (UTC) @ Room 1
                Wednesday, July 29, 2020
                Chairs: Shwetha Bhandari, Carles Gomez
                Responsible AD: Erik Kline
                Minute takers: TBD
                Jabber scribe: TBD
                Meetecho:               https://www.meetecho.com/ietf108/6lo
                CodiMD for notes:       https://codimd.ietf.org/notes-ietf-108-6lo
            Introduction and draft status                                Bhandari/Gomez            10 min
            Agenda bashing; blue sheets; scribe; Jabber scribe
            Status of IPv6 over PLC draft                                Liu Bing (Remy)           10 min
            Update of Applicability and Use Cases draft                  Yong-Geun Hong            10 min
            Update of Design Consid. for Low Power Internet Protocols    Hudson Ayers              10 min
            New draft - 6LoWPAN Dispatch for SCHC                        Carles Gomez              10 min
          Total: 50 min

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