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IPv6 over Networks of Resource-constrained Nodes (Concluded WG)
Int Area: √Čric Vyncke, Erik Kline | 2013-Oct-11 —  

IETF-95 6lo agenda

Session 2016-04-07 1730-1930: Pacifico A - Audio stream - 6lo chatroom


                                   6lo WG Agenda - IETF 95, Buenos Aires, Argentina
                                   17:30-19:30 Local Time  Thursday, April 7, 2016
                                   Room:  Pacifico A
                                   Chairs: Samita Chakrabarti, Gabriel Montenegro
                                   Secretary: James Woodyatt
                                   Responsible AD: Brian Haberman, Suresh Krishnan(incoming)
                                   Technical Advisor: Ralph Droms
            Introduction and  draft status                                 Montenegro/Chakrabarti      5 minutes
            Agenda bashing; blue sheets; scribe; Jabber scribe
            6lo Ethertype
              draft-droms-6lo-ethertype-request                            Ralph Droms                 5 minutes
            IEEE 802.15.4 IE allocation                                    Tero Kivinen                5 minutes
            Transmission of IPv6 over MS/TP Networks                       Kerry Lynn                 10 minutes
            Transmission of IPv6 over NFC                                  Yong-Geon Hong             10 minutes
            ESC Dispatch Bytes Updates after WGLC                          Samita Chakrabarti          5 minutes
            A 6LoWPAN paging dispatch                                      Pascal Thubert             10 minutes
            6LOWPAN Routing header
              draft-ietf-roll-routing-dispatch-00                          Pascal Thubert              5 minutes
            Compression of IPsec AH and ESP Headers for 6lo                Shahid Raza                15 minutes
            6lo ND backbone router                                         Pascal Thubert             10 minutes
            6lo Address Protected ND
              draft-sarikaya-6lo-ap-nd                                     Pascal Thubert             10 minutes
            Usecases for IPv6 over Networks of Constrained Resources       Yong-Geon Hong             10 minutes
            6lo ETSI Plugfest@IETF94                                       Carsten Bormann            10 minutes

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