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IPv6 over Low power WPAN (Concluded WG)
Int Area: √Čric Vyncke, Erik Kline | 2005-Mar-08 — 2014-Jan-16 

IETF-72 6lowpan agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Consolidated slides
Neighbor Discovery Registration Extension


          6LoWPAN Working Group, July 2008 IETF Meeting, Dublin
          Chairs: Geoff Mulligan, Carsten Bormann
          TUESDAY 2008-Jul-29, 0900..1130
          Room:  Ballroom 2
          $Id: 6lowpan-agenda.txt,v 1.5 2008/07/28 19:20:47 cabo Exp $
          (Note that the plan is already 5 minutes over schedule, so, modulo
          timekeeping, what doesn't fit at the end may get cut.)
          * Intro
          --- Administrivia, Agenda bashing, Chairs (10)
          --- Status Update, Review of Re-chartering, Chairs (10)
          * Work item 1 "6LoWPAN Bootstrapping and 6LoWPAN IPv6 ND Optimizations"
          --- Chairs' intro, Chairs (5)
            Set the scene, define some terms
          --- Commissioning in 6lowpan, KH Kim (4)
            Show how a separate protocol (LBP) could be used to do this
          --- ND draft update, S Chakrabarti (9)
            Quickly discuss what has changed in the draft
          --- Neighbor Discovery Registration Extension, E Nordmark (14)
            Get initial feedback
          --- White board techniques for 6LoWPAN ND, P Thubert (14)
            Discuss benefits / proposal for no m/Bcast in 6LoWPAN
            Discuss the ralationship with a backbone
          --- Neighbor Discovery for Route-Over 6LoWPAN Networks (14)
             draft-hui-6lowpan-nd-00.txt (to be submitted on monday)
            Present initial thoughts and get initial feedback
          --- Way forward, Chairs (5)
            What are the documents that actually will result from this?
          * Work item 2 "6LoWPAN Improved Header Compression"
          --- Compression Format for IPv6 Datagrams in 6LoWPAN Networks, J Hui (5)
              draft-hui-6lowpan-hc-01.txt (was submitted on Monday)
            Quickly discuss what has changed in the draft
          --- Context-based Header Compression for 6lowpan, C Bormann, J Hui (15)
              draft-hui-6lowpan-hc-01.txt (was submitted on Monday)
            Discuss the two drafts in context, clarify requirements, discuss context identification
          * Work item 3 "6LoWPAN Architecture"
          --- Mobility Considerations for 6LoWPAN, C Williams (5)
            Do we need something like this draft as part of the architecture?
          --- 6lowpan Management Information Base, KH Kim (5)
              Quickly discuss how management relates to architecture of 6lowpan.
          * Work item 4 "6LoWPAN Routing Requirements"
          --- Problem Statement and Requirements for 6LoWPAN Mesh Routing, E Kim (10)
          (Problem statement, routing parameters, some requirements have been
          updated to meet the chartered text.  Overall touched to see the view
          point of specific 6LoWPAN features considering both route-over and
          mesh-under as charter text says.  But forgot to change 'Abstract' so
          that abstract is still saying 'mesh-under', but main text is not.)
            Ready for WG doc?
          * Work item 5 "Use Cases for 6LoWPAN"
          --- Design and Application Spaces for 6LoWPANs, E Kim (10)
          (6LoWPAN applicability has been updated)
            Quickly discuss what has changed in the draft
            Status of this document?
          * Work item 6 "6LoWPAN Security Analysis"
          --- Status of security work, Chairs (10)
          * Running documents (implementers/interoperability guides)
          (apparently, nothing on agenda for this meeting)
          * Work that didn't make it into the charter yet
          --- Fragmentation issues in LoWPAN, P Thubert (10)
            Discuss benefits / proposal for fragment recovery in 6LoWPAN
          --- Extension headers for 6lowpan, C Bormann (5)
            Discuss whether this is what we need to enable application specific
            L2 options

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