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Alto Status Pages

Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (Concluded WG)
Tsv Area: Zaheduzzaman Sarker, Martin Duke | 2008-Nov-12 —  

IETF-82 alto agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
ALTO requirements
ALTO protocol
JOSE WG intro
ALTO server discovery
Deployment considerations
ALTO home proxy
Multi-cost ALTO
Heresy time
Session 2011-11-16 1300-1500: 3F Banquet - Audio stream - alto chatroom

iCal: ietf-82-alto.ics


          ALTO WG -- IETF 82, Taipei, Taiwan
          Wednesday, November 16, 13:00-15:00
          WG info: current charter, status page.
          Mailing list: alto@ietf.org (archives)
          Chairs: Enrico Marocco <enrico.marocco@telecomitalia.it>
                  Vijay K. Gurbani <vkg@bell-labs.com>
          Note on meeting time allocation: slot lengths -- when explicitly
          stated -- are only indicative. Meeting time will be managed with the
          primary goal of addressing all the open issues with high priority
          documents (protocol, server discovery and deployment
          considerations). If discussions of such issues exceed scheduled time,
          residual time will be allocated to the remaining topics in proportion
          to the amount of interest they have generated in previous meetings and
          on the mailing list.
          - Administrivia                                                  (Chairs)
          - ALTO requirements status                           (Martin Stiemerling)
          - ALTO protocol                                           (Richard Alimi)
            (Diffs since IETF 81)
          - JOSE WG intro                                              (Jim Schaad)
          - ALTO server discovery protocol                     (Martin Stiemerling) 
            (Diffs since IETF 81)
          - Deployment considerations                          (Martin Stiemerling)
          - ALTO in home proxies                                    (Fabio Picconi)
          - Multi-Cost ALTO                                    (Sabine Randriamasy)
            (Diffs since IETF 81)

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