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ART Area General Applications Working Group (Concluded WG)
Art Area: Barry Leiba, Murray Kucherawy | 2010-Oct-26 — 2017-Jul-06 

IETF-87 appsawg agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Master Agenda
Service Template
Aggregated Services
Notes from the App Chairs lunch meeting at IETF 87
Session 2013-07-29 0900-1130: Charlottenburg 2/3 - Audio stream - appsawg chatroom


          Applications Area Working Group (APPSAWG)
          Applications Area General Meeting (APPAREA)
          Agenda -- July 29, 2013 at 09:00 in Charlottenburg 2/3
          Administrivia (chairs; 5 mins)
           - Blue sheets, scribe, minute-taker
          Work summary (chairs; 10 mins)
           - Work completed since IETF 86
           - Documents in progress
          Proposed work
           - draft-song-appsawg-service-template (Haibin Song; 10 mins)
          New Working Groups (various; 5 mins)
           - QRESYNC (IMAP QRESYNC Extension)
           - JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
           - STOX (SIP-TO-XMPP)
           - LMAP (Large-Scale Measurement of Broadband Performance)
           - SACM (Security Automation and Continuous Monitoring)
          BoF previews (various; 15 mins)
           - STATUS (Stacked Tunnels for Source Routing)
           - NSC (Network Service Chaining)
           - IPRBIS (Proposed Update to IPR Policy)
           - POSH (PKIX over Secure HTTP)
           - STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited)
           - 6TSCH (Deterministic IPv6 over IEEE802.15.4e
                    Timeslotted Channel Hopping)
           - DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting &
           - AQM (Active Queue Management and Packet Scheduling)
           - DNSSDEXT (DNS-SD Extensions)
           - DICE (DTLS In Constrained Environments)
           - TCMTF (Tunneling Compressed Multiplexed Traffic Flows)
           - 6LO (IPv6 over networks of resource-constrained nodes)
          Applications Area Directorate (ADs; 10 mins)
          Review of the Applications Area (ADs; 10 mins)
          Openness of IESG process (ADs; 10 mins)
          Concise Binary Object Representation (Paul Hoffman/Carsten Bormann; 15 mins)
          Aggregated Service Discovery (Andrew Biggs/Cyrus Daboo; 5 mins)
          An Extension Language for the DNS (John Levine; 5 mins)
          Domain Policy Authority (John Levine, Andrew Sullivan; 10 mins)
          multpart/form-data (Larry Masinter; 10 mins)
          Any other business (TBD; 30 mins)

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