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Audio/Video Transport Extensions (Concluded WG)
Art Area: Francesca Palombini, Murray Kucherawy | 2011-Jan-26 — 2017-Aug-11 

2017-08-10 charter

Audio/Video Transport Extensions (avtext)


 Current Status: Active

     Jonathan Lennox <jonathan@vidyo.com>
     Rachel Huang <rachel.huang@huawei.com>

 Applications and Real-Time Area Directors:
     Ben Campbell <ben@nostrum.com>
     Alexey Melnikov <aamelnikov@fastmail.fm>
     Adam Roach <adam@nostrum.com>

 Applications and Real-Time Area Advisor:
     Ben Campbell <ben@nostrum.com>

 Mailing Lists:
     General Discussion: avt@ietf.org
     To Subscribe:       https://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/avt
     Archive:            https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/browse/avt/

Description of Working Group:

    The Full-Standard Real-time Transport Protocol, RTP [RFC 3550], along
    with its associated profiles and payload formats provides for real-
    time transmission of audio and video over unicast and multicast
    transports. RTP is widely implemented, and deployed for a wide range
    of applications, ranging from telephony to television over IP. As new
    applications have emerged, the need for guidelines for the use of the
    RTP/RTCP protocols and extensions specific to those applications
    has been identified.

    The AVTEXT working group is charted to develop application-specific
    guidelines for the use of RTP/RTCP protocols with the AVP, SAVP,
    AVPF, and SAVPF profiles, and extensions to those protocols that are
    driven by application-specific needs. Proposals for extensions with
    general applicability to many different RTP/RTCP usages should be
    taken to the AVTCORE working group.

    The AVTEXT working group is constrained to use the protocol extension
    mechanisms defined in the core protocols (such as RTP Header
    extensions [RFC5285], AVPF Feedback Messages [RFC4585], and
    SDES Items [RFC3550]). If new ways to extend the core protocols are
    needed, they will be developed in the AVTCORE working group.

    In addition to the milestones called out below, the AVTEXT working
    group's initial tasks will include completing any new work identified
    during IESG evaluation for the Rapid Acquisition of Multicast RTP

Goals and Milestones:
  Done     - Submit Considerations for RAMS Scenarios for Informational
  Done     - Submit RTP Header extension for mixer to client audio level indication as Proposed Standard
  Done     - Submit RTP Header extension for client to mixer audio level  indication as proposed standard
  Done     - Submit Support for multiple clock rates in an RTP session for Proposed Standard
  Done     - Content splicing for RTP sessions as Informational
  Done     - Request Publication of specification for duplicating RTP Streams with intended status as Proposed Standard
  Done     - Taxonomy of RTP (as informational) to IESG
  Done     - Submit Mechanism for RTP Stream Pause & Resume for Proposed Standard
  Done     - Submit Mechanism for Indication of Content Splicing Times in Multimedia Content for Proposed Standard
  Done     - Submit RTP header extension for SDES items for Proposed Standard
  Done     - Submit Mechanism for Identifying Encoded and Dependent Streams for Proposed Standard
  Jun 2016 - Submit Mechanism for Layer Refresh Request for Proposed Standard
  Oct 2016 - Submit RTP Header Extension for Video Frame Information for Proposed Standard
  Done     - Submit Update to Codec Control Messages in the RTP Audio-Visual Profile with Feedback (RFC5104) with Layered Codecs as Proposed Standard

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