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Behavior Engineering for Hindrance Avoidance (Concluded WG)
Tsv Area: Martin Duke, Magnus Westerlund | 2004-Sep-29 — 2013-Oct-17 

IETF-86 behave agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Chairs slides
Discovery Heuritic Update
NAT Logging
NAT Behavioral Requirements Updates
SA46T Address Translation
Session 2013-03-12 1520-1650: Caribbean 1 - Audio stream - behave chatroom


                              BEHAVE Working Group Agenda
                                        IETF 86, Orlando, March 2012
                                             Chairs: Dave Thaler, dthaler@microsoft.com
                                                              Dan Wing, dwing@cisco.com
          Jabber room:  xmpp:behave@jabber.ietf.org?join
Tuesday, March 12, 1520-1650, room: Caribbean 1 (conflicts: tictoc, pkix, mboned, netmod, iprbis, ntp, mmusic, trill) 15:20 Note takers, agenda, existing milestones (Chairs, 5) CHARTERED WORK ITEMS: 15:25 Discovery Heuristic (tentative) (Teemu Savolainen, 15) draft-ietf-behave-nat64-discovery-heuristic 15:40 NAT MIB (Simon Perreault, 15) draft-ietf-behave-nat-mib 15:55 NAT logging (Senthil Sivakumar, Zhonghua Chen, 20) draft-sivakumar-behave-nat-logging (IPFIX) draft-zhou-behave-syslog-nat-logging (SYSLOG) NON-CHARTERED WORK ITEMS: 16:15 Updates to UDP, TCP, and ICMP (Simon Perreault, 20) draft-penno-behave-rfc4787-5382-5508-bis 16:35 SA46T Address Translator (Naoki Matsuhira, 15) draft-matsuhira-sa46t-at 16:50 end
(agenda version: 1.0/March 12)

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