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Bliss Status Pages

Basic Level of Interoperability for SIP Services (Concluded WG)
Rai Area: Alissa Cooper, Ben Campbell | 2007-Jun-26 — 2013-Feb-27 

IETF-74 bliss agenda


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Chair Slide
Shared Line
Call Completion


IETF74 - BLISS Agenda

March 26, 2009 13:00-15:00

Start Time
Discussion Lead
Reading List
13:00 Agenda Bash Chairs This document
13:15 Line Sharing (Shared Appearances) Alan Johnston draft-ietf-bliss-shared-appearances
13:40 Call Completion Dale Worley draft-ietf-bliss-call-completion
14:00 REST usage Theo Zourzouvillys draft-zourzouvillys-bliss-ach-http-api-01
14:45 Any other business -- -- -- --


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