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Dynamic Host Configuration (Active WG)
Int Area: Suresh Krishnan, Terry Manderson | 1989-Apr-13 —  

IETF-61 dhc minutes


          Administrivia Ralph Droms
          Droms asked about interest in DHCP server MIB, draft-ietf-dhc-server-mib.
          The specification has been reviewed by the IESG and is close to being
          done.  However, one author is not interested in continuing to work on the
          specification and the other wants to confirm that there is sufficient
          interest before committing to more work on the document.  Ted Lemon
          expressed interest in seeing a server MIB (although not necessarily
          this one).  Droms will work with Glen Waters (document co-author) to
          complete the specification.
          Reclassifying DHCPv4 Options Bernie Volz
          draft-ietf-dhc-reclassify-options is about to be published as an RFC. Volz
          described the process for broadcasting notification of the process
          specified in the document, and asked for assistance in identifying all
          vendors whose use of option codes will be affected by this specification.
          DNS zone suffix option for DHCPv6 Renxiang Yan
          Yan gave a presentation about draft-yan-dhc-dhcpv6-opt-dnszone.  The key
          idea is to send the DNS domain from which a host should form its FQDN
          to the host.  Ted Lemon noted that the mechanism in this specification
          supposes that the host will then use DDNS to update its DNS information.
          This use of DDNS will require management of authorization information
          for individual hosts, which won't scale. The RA-based mechanism in
          draft-jeong-ipv6-ra-dns-autoconf has similar issues of scale.  Further
          discussion will take place on the WG mailing list before coming to a
          decision about taking this draft on as a WG work item.
          Vendor-Specific Information Suboption Mark Stapp
          There was consensus in the room to take this draft to WG last call. Droms
          will confirm consensus on the WG mailing list.
          DHCP Authentication via EAP Mark Stapp
          Stapp presented summary of idea to use EAP for DHCP authentication (no
          document, yet).  The premise of this work is that requiring the use of
          another set of keys around just to do DHCP is a non-starter and DNSSEC
          is not ready, so Stapp suggests using credentials already provisioned for
          802.1x for DHCP authentication.  There was some discussion about where in
          the authentication system (AAA server?) session keys might be generated.
          Stapp will write a draft based on his ideas for WG review.
          Information Refresh Time Option for DHCPv6 Stig Venaas
          Venaas gave an update about the draft, which has been previously
          discussed by the WG.  The title of the specification has been changed to
          "Information Refresh Time Option for DHCPv6" as the option controls when
          a client contacts the DHCP server, but does not cause previously obtained
          information to expire in any way.  Some minor issues were raised about max
          and min values for lifetime which will be discussed on WG mailing list.
          Pending that discussion, there was consensus in room to go to WG last
          call.  Consensus to be confirmed on WG mailing list.
          Multicast Reconfig. Protocol for Stateless DHCPv6 Daniel Park
          Park gave a summary of the draft.  Droms asked why the protocol
          uses Relay-reply message to notify router (through relay) to toggle
          'M'/'O' bits; isn't CLI sufficient?  Greg Daley suggested SNMP might
          be appropriate to cause router to toggle 'M'/'O' bits.  Some additional
          discussion about whether this mechanism is needed if "Information Refresh
          Time Option for DHCPv6" is accepted for standards track.  Volz pointed
          out that "multicast reconfig" is useful for unplanned renumbering.
          Park was requested to provide more detail; further discussion will take
          place on the WG mailing list before coming to a decision about taking
          this draft on as a WG work item.
          Anycast Address Assignment using DHCPv6 Syam Madanapalli
          Madanapalli presented summary of the draft.  Ted Lemon pointed
          out that the slides were somewhat different from the text in
          "draft-madanapalli-dhcpv6-anycast", and that the second part of the
          specification (in which the services are classified) begins to look a lot
          like SLP.  Droms suggested the draft might be spit into two pieces: one
          for assignment and one for service classification.  There was consensus
          in the room to accept the draft as a WG work item; the consensus will
          be confirmed on WG mailing list.
          Source Address Selection Policy option for DHCPv6 T. Fujisaki
          This draft provides a protocol for distribution of address selection
          policy, where those policies are described in RFC 3484.  The draft is
          related to other drafts about distribution of policy currently before
          the ipv6 and multi6 WGs.  John Schnizlein asked if this draft is really
          solving a routing problem.  Ted Lemon asked if this is for reasonably
          stable and static multi-homed networks' authors agreed that this is
          for source address selection policy, not routing information. Further
          discussion will take place on the WG mailing list before coming to a
          decision about taking this draft on as a WG work item.
          DHCPv6 Relay Agent Information Option Wing Cheong Lau
          The consensus in the room was to accept the draft as a WG work item;
          consensus will be confirmed on WG mailing list.
          Clarifications on DHCPv6 Authentication T. Jinmei
          Jinmei-san presented a list of changes to the draft in the most recent
          revision and a couple of outstanding issues:
          * draft recommends treating multiple exchanges as a single "session",
          which requires additional state in the server
          * should this draft be published independently or rolled into a revision
          of RFC 3315?
          Jinmei-san will initiate discussion of a couple of outstanding issues
          and then the draft will be ready for WG last call.
          DHCP Relay Agent Opt for MIPv6 bootstrapping Kuntal Chowdhury
          J. Bharatia presented a summary of the draft, which provides a mechanism
          through which a remote AAA server can pass the address of a MIP6 home
          agent to a roaming MIP6 host for initial configuration/bootstrapping.
          Mark Stapp objected to the relay agent modifying the DHCP message rather
          than inserting information in the relay option wrapper.  It was mentioned
          that a similar draft that accomplishes the same objective without DHCP is
          under consideration in the mip6 WG. The author was requested to revise
          the draft to avoid modification of the DHCP message by the relay and
          the WG will consider the revised draft.
          DHCP-DNS interaction Bernie Volz
          Volz presented a status report: these drafts along with
          draft-ietf-dhc-3315id-for-v4 and draft-ietf-dnsext-dhcid-rr will go to
          the IESG as a package.  draft-ietf-dnsext-dhcid-rr is through WG last
          call (dnsext).  The consensus in the room was to go to WG last call
          on draft-ietf-dhc-fqdn-option; consensus will be confirmed on the WG
          mailing list.

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