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Int Area: Éric Vyncke, Suresh Krishnan | 2012-Jan-10 —  

IETF-104 dmm minutes

Session 2019-03-26 0900-1100: Athens/Barcelona - Audio stream - dmm chatroom


minutes-104-dmm-00 minutes

          IETF104 DMM WG meeting
          Date:  March 26th, 2019
          Time:  9:00-11:00, Tuesday Morning session I
          Location: Hilton Prague
          Chairs: Sri Gundavelli (Cisco) and Dapeng Liu (Alibaba)
          Minutes Taker: Miya Kohno
          1. WG organization & milestones - Sri Gundavelli (Cisco)
            - draft-ietf-dmm-ondemand-mobility-15 : in IESG review
            - draft-ietf-dmm-distributed-moblity-anchoring-11 : Chair review
            pending, will move to LC after IETF104
            - draft-ietf-dmm-pmipv6-dlif-03 : Chair review pending, IPR declarations
            posted and need to understand the implication
              (Carlos) The reason for update was trivial. Just a decoration of
              individual ID.
              (Sri) In general, IPR declaration should be after some process. But
              thanks for the clarification.
            - draft-ietf-dmm-srv6-mobile-uplane-04 : Need to understand the 6man
            discussion on this spec, Plan for last call readiness
              (Suresh) No issues are seen. The second session of 6man will be held
              on Friday to close all issues. Anyway, it does not impact to this doc.
              (Sri) Thanks for the clarification.
           - draft-ietf-dmm-fpc-cpdp-12 : Expired draft, not much activities seen
           - draft-ieef-dmm-5g-uplane-analysis-01 : new version posted recently,
           need some more review
          2. Control/Data Plane for N6 Traffic Steering - Marco Liebsch (NEC)
          - Background and Motivation
          - Use Cases and Problem Statement
          - Scope of the draft : Operation, Semantics and Data models for DPN
          traffic policies, Architecture
          - 2 possible approaches : Loosely coupled or Tightly coupled
          - Next step
          - Target clean update by June 2019
              (Tom Herbert) What about latency?
              (Marco) There is no single answer
              (? Nokia) It’s a question of deployment design
              (? Huawei) SRv6 is mentioned, Is there any specific reason?
              (Marco) SRv6 is a good candidate for traffic steering, but it should
              not depend on any particular protocol
              (Charlie Perkins) Liaison?
              (Marco) 3GPP, ETSI MEC
              (?) Edge computing needs N3, not only N6?
              (Marco) Yes, if interfering with GTP
              (Miya Kohno) Is there any correlation with Network Slicing?
              (Marco) It is complementary
              (Miya) Complementary, or we can converge
              (Charlie) No protocol elements are needed?
              (Marco) Primarily information models only
          3. FPC update – Charlie Perkins
           - No changes since IETF 102
           - Possibility to split into two drafts in order to promote readability
              (Suresh) Two drafts should be easier to be get reviewed, but not
              good for model consistency. Consult chairs.
              (Charlie) Good suggestion
              (Sri) So when will it be updated?
              (Charlie) Today
          4. SRv6 for Mobile User Plane – Satoru Matsushima (Softbank)
          - Summary of updates from v03 to v04
          - Feedback from Hackathon : The codes are now open-sourced (VPP and P4)
          - Next Steps
              (Sri) Open Source is great! Please send it to the ML
              (Robin) Hackathon is interesting. Do you contribute to fd.io?
              (Satoru) Yes, interested in contributing to the VPP community. Not
              sure if they accept, though.
              (Eric Klein) It was IPv4. Is IPv6 capable?
              (Satoru) you mean GTP over IPv6?
              (Eric) yes
              (Satoru) yes, it’s already defined in the draft. End.M.GTP6.E. The
              trick is to use 2 SIDs.
          5. Scalable De-aggregation for Distributed Mobility Management – Fred
          Templin (ACM)
           - Scaling Consideration for Aviation
           - Massively Distributed Mobility Management
              (Tom Herbert) “Massive” is relative
              (Fred) Yes, 1 billion mobiles, 1000 BGP peers, the limitation would
              be #peerings
              (Sri) Hierarchical aggregation – local containment to avoid
              BGP churn
              (Charlie) Similar to Fast Mobile IP?
              (Fred) Network layer is BGP level
          6. User Plane Protocol and Architectural Analysis on 3GPP 5G System –
          Shunsuke Homma (NTT)
           - Background and History
           - Slicing with Network Instance – how to glue UPF and transport network
            (Suresh) What is the end goal? Success Criteria?
            (Satoru)  At least to bring analysis/clarification of 3GPP work to IETF
            (John) I think this is a very useful document
          7. Distributed Mobility Anchoring - Carlos J. Bernardos
           - Waiting for Chairs review
          8. Proxy Mobile IPv6 extensions for Distributed Mobility Management –
          Carlos J. Bernardos
          - Waiting for Chairs review

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