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Dnsop Status Pages

Domain Name System Operations (Concluded WG)
Ops Area: Robert Wilton, Warren Kumari | 1999-Jun-03 —  

IETF-87 dnsop agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Agenda, Status, etc
AS112 v2
Child Parent DNS Synchronization
Improving Cache Performance
Flushing Cached DNS Records
DNSSEC Roadblock Avoidance
using PCP to trigger dynamic DNS updates
DNS No Response Issue
Root Zone KSK Roll
DNSSEC side effect, Increase in DS Queries
Session 2013-08-01 1520-1650: Bellevue - Audio stream - dnsop chatroom


          WG:         DNS Operations (dnsop)
          Meeting:    IETF 87, Berlin
          Location:   Intercontinental, Bellevue
          Date:       Thursday, 1 August 2013
          Time:       17:30 - 18:30 (UTC-04:00)
          Chairs:     Peter Koch     <pk@denic.de>
                      Tim Wicinski <tim.wicinski@teamaol.com>
          Agenda Bashing and WG Status (5 min)
          WG Updates
                  AS112 Discussion - Omniscient and DNAME (20 min)
                  Joe Abley, Warren Kumari
                  DNSSEC Child Delegation (20 min)
                  Wes Hardaker, Olafur Gudmundsson, Warren Kumari
                  DNS Cache Mechanism  (15 min)
                  Expiring Record Performance - Warren Kumari
                  Flushing Records - Joe Abley
          Old Business
                  Call for Adoption of draft-andrews-dnsop-rfc6598-rfc6303
                  Revisiting of RFC2870 (Root Server Operational Reqs.)
          (Last Minute) New Business
                  DNS Server Diagnostics
          Any Other Business (Time Permitting)
                  draft-deng-pcp-ddns, Cathy Zhou
                  DNSSEC Roadblock Avoidance, Hardaker, et. al
                  Root Zone KSK Roll, Joe Abley

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