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Domain Name System Operations (Concluded WG)
Ops Area: Robert Wilton, Warren Kumari | 1999-Jun-03 —  

IETF-91 dnsop agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Chairs Slides
DNS Cookies
QNAME Minimisation State
EDNS TCP Connection Close
DNS Negative Trust Anchors
DNS Root Server Loopback
Reverse DNS in IPv6
DNS Transport over TCP
Special Use Top Level Domain "home"
EDNS Compliance Failures
DNS over TCP and JSON
Session 2014-11-11 1520-1720: Coral 4 - Audio stream - dnsop chatroom


          WG:                     DNS Operations (dnsop)
          Meeting:                IETF 91, Honolulu
          Location:               Hilton Hawaiin Village, Coral 4
          Date:                   Tuesday, 11 November 2014
          Time:                   1520-1720 PDT, Afternoon Session II
          Chairs:                 Tim Wicinski <tjw.ietf@gmail.com>
                                  Suzanne Woolf <suzworldwide@gmail.com>
          - Introduction
          - Agenda Bashing, Blue Sheets, etc (10 min)
          - Updates of Old Work, Chairs (10 min)
          - New Old Business
              DNS Cookies, with Data, Eastlake/Andrews (15min)
              QNAME minimisation, next steops Bortzmeyer (10min)
          - New Business
              TCP Connection Close, Bellis  (10min)
                  (alternative to draft-ietf-dnsop-edns-tcp-keepalive)
              DNS Transport over TCP, Dickinson (15min)
              DNSSEC Negative Trust Anchows, Livingood  (15 min)
              Reverse DNS in IPv6 for Internet Service Providers, Howard (10min)
          - Newer Business
              Root Servers Running on Loopback, Kumari (10 min)
              Spartacus: DNS, HTTP, JSON (10 min)

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